Unable to open any webpage in firefox after update - MSIE working fine




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10 years ago
User-Agent:       Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 7.0; Windows NT 5.1; .NET CLR 1.1.4322; .NET CLR 2.0.50727)
Build Identifier: 3.0.2

AUS: Update XML File Malformed (200)

This is the message.  Webpage gives error message.

Reproducible: Always

Steps to Reproduce:
Actual Results:  
Just try to open a webpage.

Firefox is not opening any webpage.  I have no problems opening with MSIE.  Appears to be a bad file in the update.

I am running XP with Kaspersky antiviral (no firewall in use as have hardware firewall).
This is in 99.9% of all cases a firewall issue but you don't have one.
No other user reported such a problem with 3.0.2 and there is nothing we can do if we can not reproduce this,.

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10 years ago
i'm getting the same problem when i installed 3.0.2 i dont remember anything happening and now firefox 2 OR 3 wont go online but msie does.  it has an error message of "Firefox is already running, but is not responding. To open a new window, you must first close the existing Firefox process, or restart your system." but firefox isnt running to begin with.  btw i'm using windows vista.

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10 years ago
I figured it out.  I had to re-enable the Kaspersky firewall, allow inbound connections and then disable Kaspersky.  That fixed the problem.

I have no idea why the firewall would have caused this issue when it wasn't even turned on, though.  Very odd.
That is not odd for me, That is "normal" if I watch all the people with Firewall problems after an update :-)
The firewall installs a firewall driver that is running in the kernel mode of the OS. If you disable the Firewall it will not disable or uninstall this driver.
I bet you had FF3.01 configured in Kaspersky and with the update the .exe file is now different from the 3.0.1 .exe one. That is enough for a firewall to block the application.
You have to ask kaspersky why the firewall still blocks such things in the disabled state.

Anthony: You case is different and not this bug.
>2 OR 3 wont go online but msie does 
this is wrong, Firefox doesn't start in your case which is different.
>but firefox isnt running to begin with
Did you check in the windows task manager under the process tab ?

I will mark this bug invalid as Firewall issue, I'm glad you found the problem karen and that Firefox works again for you.

For your case i would use http://support.mozilla.com, there are also Forums and a live chat help. If you can not get help there you can try to file a new bug here.
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