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While investigating some failures, I found some cases where complains "missing output line for total leaks!", when it's clearly in the output.

Example from

Scroll up and you'll find:

   0 TOTAL                                          -4    63920 -1005666652 ....

Looks like the problem is the regex uses to find the "TOTAL" line. It's not expecting negative numbers. dbaron says this can happen when bogus addref/release patterns confuse tracerefcount.

The script should catch these, and handle as a "omgwtf something is wrong" case.
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How convenient, dbaron is a Test Harness peer. :-)

[I should note I haven't run this yet, but it seems like an obvious enough change.]
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Added another check for one of the columns that might be negative, and tested that it works with and without negative values in the output.
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Patch v.2

r=dbaron, although you might want to run this by whoever owns
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