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try to repair cause of assertion - Borked message header


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Thunderbird 3.0b1


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Dan, especially, has been seeing a lot of these. The problem is that a message's thread parent isn't valid, i.e., it's not in the thread. The upcoming patch attempts to repair this situation, and changes the assertion to a warning.

The assertion appears harmless, but I think in some situations it could cause us not to display sub-messages in threaded view (not sure, though).

This patch repairs the problem for me. I still have to figure out why this is happening, however.
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I believe we decided we wanted this for 3.0b1; marking as such.
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Running with this patch, I'm seeing a small number of the "Thread is a parent of itself" assertions (I was seeing them before, too, I think).  Should that really be an assertion, or should it be similar to the problem already solved in this patch and warn and rebuild the index instead...
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proposed fix 

This is making the method big enough that it's becoming difficult to digest.  How about splitting it apart?
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ok, this moves the code into a new method. I don't have a test case anymore, though, so I can't swear that this works. Dan, can you try this out and see if you hit the code, and it fixes the problem?
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(In reply to comment #1)
> I believe we decided we wanted this for 3.0b1; marking as such.

Correcting flag to get it onto the right radar.
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proposed fix - checked in

This looks ok to me.
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proposed fix - checked in

* It would be good to track stuff that should just warn and trigger database rebuilds once rkent's lossless-database-rebuild stuff is in, such as presumably the "Thread is parent of itself" assertion (and maybe the "no root hdr" assertion too?).  Please file a spinoff bug, if you would...

>+      nsMsgHdr* curMsgHdr = static_cast<nsMsgHdr*>(curHdr.get());      // closed system, cast ok

Please reformat so that this wraps at 80 columns.

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fix checked in.

I'll file a spin-off bug, but I'm leaning towards repair as opposed to rebuilding.
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This fixes a few other borked thread issues:

1. If a message is marked as the thread root key, but doesn't have a thread parent of -1, make GetRootHdr return the correct header (which will correct the thread root key)

2. If a message is in a thread object, but doesn't have its thread id set to the thread, correct it.

3. If a message is its own parent, reparent it in the thread.

4. In nsMsgThread::ReparentMsgsWithInvalidParent, make sure we don't set our parent to ourselves.

I'm not sure the last change is actually needed. The other changes fix the test cases I've got, I believe. I'll double check that.
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re-opening, and putting in beta 1.
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Target Milestone: Thunderbird 3.0a3 → Thunderbird 3.0b1
See bug 272527, which bienvenu thinks is fixed by the patch here.
There's an old attachment with an INBOX.msf, too.
Blocks: 272527
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fix some other related issues - checked in

>+            PRInt32 resultIndex;
>+            nsMsgKey rootKey;
>+            nsCOMPtr <nsIMsgDBHdr> root;
>+            GetRootHdr(&resultIndex, getter_AddRefs(root));
>+            root->GetMessageKey(&rootKey);
sr=me if you replace this and just use m_threadRootKey instead.
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fix checked in.
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