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Request to Add shiftLeft property compatibility


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We at CNS Vital Signs would like to request that the shiftLeft property for the keydown and keyup events be implemented in the FireFox web browser.

CNS Vital Signs has developed software that presents a series of computerized neurocognitive tests that are designed to be used as a routine part of a clinical practice, as a research instrument, and in schools or workplaces where health and safety are an issue.  The CNS Vital Signs test battery offers 54 languages and has been utilized as a research tool in over 35 countries world wide.  The tests run on a PC and are designed to collect responses from patients and calculate performance scores based on the accuracy and timing of the response.  The original program was a stand-alone application that is downloaded and installed on the PC. We have recently released a web version of the same program.

One of the tests originally written makes use of the right and left shift keys.  Patients are asked to press the left shift key or the right shift key to respond to a presented rule.  Currently, only Internet Explorer has implemented the shiftLeft property for the keydown and keyup events.  Our pharmacutical customers require the web version of our test be identical in nature to the local version, so we have had to restrict all web deployments to support Internet Explorer only.

We have programmed the web application to use the right and left arrow keys for other browsers but we have had to restrict it's use to clinical practice use.

Thanks for considering our request.
David J. Ford
VP Quality Assurance
CNS Vital Signs, LLC

Reproducible: Always

Steps to Reproduce:
if ( typeof( e.shiftLeft ) == "boolean" )
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Whiteboard: [CLOSEME 2010-11-01]
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