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upgrade Kubla to drupal 5.11



10 years ago
5 years ago


(Reporter: abuchanan, Assigned: oremj)





10 years ago

I committed a patch to bring kubla to drupal 5.11 to trunk, r18952

you want to test and give the green light to tag for production?

yo yo yo
Assignee: clouserw → buchanae
You rock so hard.  It looks good to me

Comment 3

10 years ago
tagged production r18955

over to IT for svn up and update.php run

Assignee: buchanae → server-ops
Component: Kubla → Server Operations: Web Content Push
Product: Webtools →
QA Contact: kubla → mrz
Version: Trunk → other
What machine is this site actually located on?  Don't see it on our cheat sheet.
guess I just needed to do a DNS lookup, it's CNAMEd to the actual machine and not a netscaler. :)
Hmm, think I'm gonna pass this one off on oremj or something.  There's about a half dozen docroots on there, and from the apache config it's not really clear if I should be updating all of them or what.
oremj:  should just be an `svn up` - no need to restart kublad.


10 years ago
Assignee: server-ops → oremj

Comment 8

10 years ago
svn up
U    INSTALL.txt
U    misc/drupal.js
U    misc/farbtastic/farbtastic.css
U    misc/textarea.js
U    install.php
U    includes/
U    includes/
U    includes/
U    includes/
U    includes/
U    includes/
U    includes/
U    includes/
U    includes/
U    includes/
U    includes/
U    includes/
U    includes/
U    includes/
U    includes/
U    includes/
U    includes/
U    includes/
U    includes/
U    includes/
U    modules/aggregator/aggregator.module
U    modules/aggregator/
U    modules/blog/blog.module
U    modules/blog/
U    modules/upload/upload.module
U    modules/upload/
U    modules/system/system.module
U    modules/system/system.install
U    modules/system/
U    modules/filter/
U    modules/filter/filter.module
U    modules/node/
U    modules/node/
U    modules/node/node.module
U    modules/node/node.css
U    modules/drupal/
U    modules/forum/
U    modules/forum/forum.module
U    modules/forum/forum.install
U    modules/help/
U    modules/help/help.module
U    modules/statistics/
U    modules/block/
U    modules/block/block.module
U    modules/book/
U    modules/book/book.module
U    modules/tracker/tracker.module
U    modules/tracker/
U    modules/contact/contact.module
U    modules/contact/
U    modules/path/path.module
U    modules/path/
U    modules/ping/
U    modules/locale/locale.module
U    modules/locale/
U    modules/profile/profile.module
U    modules/profile/
U    modules/watchdog/
U    modules/comment/comment.module
U    modules/comment/comment.install
U    modules/comment/comment.css
U    modules/comment/
U    modules/menu/menu.module
U    modules/menu/
U    modules/legacy/legacy.module
U    modules/legacy/
U    modules/search/
U    modules/search/search.module
U    modules/search/search.install
U    modules/throttle/
U    modules/poll/
U    modules/poll/poll.module
U    modules/blogapi/blogapi.module
A    modules/blogapi/blogapi.install
U    modules/blogapi/
U    modules/color/color.module
U    modules/color/color.css
U    modules/color/
U    modules/color/color.js
U    modules/taxonomy/taxonomy.module
U    modules/taxonomy/
U    modules/user/user.module
U    modules/user/
 U   .

Fetching external item into 'sites/all/includes/product-details'
U    sites/all/includes/product-details/localeDetails.class.php
U    sites/all/includes/product-details/productDetails.class.php
U    sites/all/includes/product-details/history/thunderbirdHistory.class.php
U    sites/all/includes/product-details/history/firefoxHistory.class.php
U    sites/all/includes/product-details/firefoxDetails.class.php
U    sites/all/includes/product-details/thunderbirdDetails.class.php
Updated external to revision 18980.

Updated to revision 18980.
Last Resolved: 10 years ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED
Component: Server Operations: Web Operations → WebOps: Other
Product: → Infrastructure & Operations
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