Links to local files in svg's can't be opened via java applets -- "Macintosh HD" is added to path.




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I'm using mac OSX with firefox 3.0.3. 
I have an .svg file --- let's call it "file.svg" -- with a hyperlink in it.  The svg is embedded in a java applet in the file, say, "file.html".   (The specific java applet is zgrviewer, for viewing graphs represented as svgs, but this may or may not be important.)  

If pointing to a local file, the link does not load properly because firefox either preprends "Macintosh HD/' to the the path in the link, or weirdly modifies/screw up the end of the path.

For example, the link in "File.svg" pointing to the file "File2.html" is translated to 'file:///Macintosh HD/Users/[my user name]/Desktop/File2.html"  This path does not exist: the proper path would be 'file:///Users/[my user name]/Desktop/File2.html". 

This is _still_ a problem when I replace the relative path reference in the .svg file with an absolute path, e.g. if I type make the link path "file:///Users/[username/Desktop/File2.html", Firefox still looks for "file:///Macintosh HD/Users/[username]/Desktop/File2.html"

It seems to happen only the the specific circumstances that the path is being accessed from the .svg file via the zgrviewer applet. If I open the .svg file in firefox directly, the link works (i.e. goes to the right path, without prepending "Macintosh HD/").  

And, it is only a problem for local links, i.e. if I replace "File2.html" in the .svg's link with, for example, '', the link is fine, i.e. can be opened from the applet. 

Reproducible: Always

Steps to Reproduce:
1. Just make any svg file with a hyper link in it to some file on the local machin (in OSX)
2.  Embed the svg file in a java applet (if you know how, make the svg file represent a graphm and use the zgrviewer applet).
3. Try to open the hyperlink in the svg file via the java applet.
Actual Results:  
The link didn't open.

Expected Results:  
The link should have opened.  (it does, for example, in Safari or Opera -- however, the same problem occurs in Camino.)

Comment 1

10 years ago
Created attachment 342536 [details]
Four short files which illustrate the bug.

To use these files to illustrate the bug, unzip archive to get the four test files.  Then download the zgrviewer applet ( specifically,  get the two files zvtm-0.9.6-SNAPSHOT.jar and zgrviewer-0.8.1.jar  (and maybe some supporting files), and put in a directory zgrviewer/, which should itself be put in the same directory as the four test files.   Then open the html files in firefox and wait for the java applet to start. Now try to click on any of the nodes (on mac OS X).  The bug is that the links don't work. 

If you open the svg file directly in firefox, the links work.  Or, if you edit the svg file in a text editor and replace the links with non-local links (e.g., the links now do work via the java applet.
I created a 'zgrviewer' directory (in the directory into which I
unzipped your testcase files) and added files zvtm-0.9.6-SNAPSHOT.jar
and zgrviewer-0.8.1.jar to that.

I get the same results with that in Safari as I do in Firefox 3.0.3.

But I'm not sure I've understood (from your description) exactly what
I'm supposed to test.  And I can't tell whether or not I've missed
some steps.

If additional files need to be added to the 'zgrviewer' directory (or
anywhere else), please specify exactly which ones, and where they need
to go.

I zipped up my package (what I created to run your testcase) and tried
to upload it here ... but it was too large.

By the way, this is *not* where to download the zgrviewer.

Instead go to
and download

Comment 4

10 years ago
Sorry, Steven, I should have explained better about the zgrviewer files.  

Just download the zip archive "" from the website you just posted a link to.  Unzip that, and put the resulting directory into the same directory as the four test files.  That is, the structure should be:

zgrviewer/ --> (the result of unzipping the zgrviewer-0.8.1 download.)

Then, just open Graph1.html (for example).  If all is correct, this should open the zgrviewer applet, which will display the content of Graph1.svg, a three-node graph.  Clicking on the pink node should open Graph2.html (as it does in Safari), but it fails to do so in Firefox.
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Reporter, can you please update to Firefox 3.6.10 or later, create a fresh profile,, and test again. If you still see the issue, please update this bug. If the issue is gone, please set the status to RESOLVED > WORKSFORME.
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