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[eo] Fix RSS reader setup


(Mozilla Localizations :: eo / Esperanto, defect)

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It seems that the changeset 5a1f98f49835 <> broke the RSS reader setup for Esperanto as per bug 453108.

The diff is here:

Eduardo, can you fix this please?
Oops, sorry about that.

I'm trying to fix it, but it seems hg gets confused (or I'm doing something wrong) if I try to push the correct file (on a clean, just cloned repository).  Maybe because it's exactly the previous version.

I get an "abort: push creates new remote branches!".  I hope somebody #hg can help me out so that I can fix this.
Try doing another 'hg pull -u' (you may want to first do 'hg revert --all' and keep you change somewhere else temporarily) and make sure 'hg branch' shows 'default'.
I have the same problem doing everything from scratch in an empty directory.  You can check the details here

I've checked with the people at #hg and ted tells me to go ahead and do the push -f when I get:

abort: push creates new remote branches!
(did you forget to merge? use push -f to force)

Since that doesn't look good I'm asking for comments.  Should I go ahead with -f?

(Staś, hg pull -u does nothing, no changes found)
I just took the liberty to do that myself. is the changeset, on the "default" branch.

I was a bit puzzled that I had to force, but apparently I had to.

Please continue to be very cautious about pushing stuff with -f, even though in general, there should be a server side hook that keeps you from pushing the wrong heads even if you -f.

Stas, I didn't revert any whitespace change for yahoo mail showing up in the original patch, I think the current version is fine, looking at diffs locally and stuff.
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Thanks Axel!  There was an extra space at the end of yahoo mail.  If it's ok, good.

And yes, I will be cautious.  Mercurial is something new. Better safe than sorry.
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