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[te] Firefox 3 RSS reader setup for Telugu


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RSS readers are web services allowing users to subscribe to RSS feeds online and view them. If Firefox detects a feed, it offers the user to subscribe to it, either as a live bookmark or via one of the web services.

The current RSS Readers in en-US are Bloglines, My Yahoo, Google.

We want to ship a good set of defaults for Telugu, and will work towards that in three stages.

First, the localization team and Stas (Stas Malolepszy) will look at the market for the language and come up with a good candidates. Krishna, we'll need your input on this, the guidelines for making recommendations are on After we decided on a particular RSS reader, Stas will contact the owner and ask for permission. undefined, we'll likely need your help to at least get the contact information.

Once we have a specification on what the set of RSS readers for Telugu should look like, the localization team and Axel will work on an implementation on that. This should happen by the localization team creating and attaching patches for the desired changes, and requesting review from Axel. After a successful review, the localization team will land them. If you're not feeling comfortable with creating those changes, ask Axel to help out.

Please don't commit any modifications in l10n/te/browser/chrome/browser-region/ to the cvs repository without a patch reviewed by Axel, Stas or someone else appointed by Stas/SethB. The data here is sensitive to users and our search partners, thus the extra care here.
For what it's worth, Netvibes <> is translated in 42% to Telugu. Krishna, what do you think about it? Any other suggestions?

Netvibes <> providing 42% Telugu UI translation for that site. I think it doesn't provide any news feeds in Telugu language. As of i know [google] and 
[yahoo] providing news in Telugu. But netvibes picking news from different sources, but not showing the news in Telugu language. 

So i think google or yahoo would be the good choice. What do you say?

We settled on the actual example feed in the default bookmarks in bug 445153.

This bug is about RSS readers, websites which help you to subscribe to multiple feeds and read them in a single interface.

We should have already called out for that in bug 411100 for Firefox 2, but didn't. Sadly the paragraph on doesn't give much help and detail.
Given previous comments, my recommendation would be to go for the following list of rss readers:

* Netvibes
* My Yahoo
* Google

Krishna, if you have any other suggestions, please add them in this bug. Thanks.

Thanks pike, stas. At present we can go ahead with these three, i do not have any other suggestions.

Great, thanks. Would you mind creating a patch and submitting it here for a review? Something like this should be enough:

Here i am submitting the patch file for Please go ahead with this stas.

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patch file for /te/browser/chrome/browser-region/

Stas is doing these reviews now, moving this one over to him.
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patch file for /te/browser/chrome/browser-region/

r=me. This change will need to land on l10n-central and l10n-mozilla-1.9.1. Please ping me on IRC (in #l10n) if you need any assistance with the landings. Please use a verbose check-in comment, e.g. "Bug 460009: [te] Firefox 3 RSS reader setup for Telugu,"

It will also need to land on 1.9.0.x (cvs), so I'm asking for approval1.9.0.6. Don't land on cvs just yet, please.

Just a note:

>--- /home/kkrothap/test/	2008-12-24 13:45:20.000000000 +0530
>+++ /home/kkrothap/mozilla/te/browser/chrome/browser-region/	2008-12-24 13:45:10.000000000 +0530

It seems that you used a regular 'diff' to create this patch. Assuming that /home/kkrothap/mozilla/te/ is your local hg clone, 'hg diff' there would have given the same, and it would make committing and pushing the change easier. In general, you can edit the files in your local hg clone as you like, then use 'hg revert {file}' or 'hg revert --all' if you don't like the changes, and 'hg diff' to create patches. Hope this helps.
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Changes has been committed in l10-central repository.

Thanks Krishna. Can you please land on l10n-mozilla-1.9.1 as well? It should be as easy as:

1. in your l10n-central clone, edit .hg/hgrc to look similar to this:

default =
default-push = ssh://
mozilla-1.9.1 = ssh://

(you can use a different name instead of mozilla-1.9.1)

2. hg outgoing mozilla-1.9.1
this should display the following:

searching for changes
changeset:   18:364970ccab1c
tag:         tip
user:        Krishna babu Krothapalli <>
date:        Tue Dec 30 13:07:02 2008 +0530
summary:     bug 460009: [te] Firefox 3 RSS reader setup for telugu,

If it did, then proceed to to the next step.

3. hg push mozilla-1.9.1

You can use this process to land all future changes on both branches. Note that since the 1.9.1 branch is somewhat more important right now, it might make more sense to do it the other way round, that is work in a 1.9.1 clone and push to central from there. Ping me on IRC if you need any help with this. 

Thanks again!
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patch file for /te/browser/chrome/browser-region/

a=me for landing on cvs. Please land this with a check-in comment like indicated by stas in the previous comment, but add a "," to indicate that the patch was approved to land on the stable branch.

Please use the fixed1.9.0.6 and verified1.9.0.6 keywords to track landing and testing in a upcoming nightly build.

Committed the changes in l10n-mozilla-1.9.1 also.

Adding fixed1.9.1 as per Krishna's comment 13. Thanks! We only need 1.9.0.x landing now.
Keywords: fixed1.9.1
Fixed on 1.9.0.x, too:

Checking in;
/l10n/l10n/te/browser/chrome/browser-region/,v  <--
new revision: 1.4; previous revision: 1.3

Please verify the change in nightly builds and update the keywords in this bug accordingly, using verified1.9.1 and verified1.9.0.6. Thanks.
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