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Update DOMi to overlay the new Sunbird main window uri


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Bug 290747 moved around several files and repackaged them to different locations. As the result the main window uri changed from "chrome://calendar/content/calendar.xul" to "chrome://sunbird/content/calendar.xul".

This patch takes care that DOMi correctly overlays in Sunbird nightly builds.
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What version number does this correspond to?  What happens with the older version?
DOMi only support the Sunbird 1.0pre (Gecko 1.9.1) nightly builds (Bug 459404). 

Therefore I think it's OK to drop support for the few nightly builds created between 2008-10-12 and now and just support the future nightly builds.
ok - is there no version change?
The version change to 1.0pre was some weeks ago when calendar development switched from mozilla1.8 branch to comm-central/mozilla-central. That change was added with Bug 459404 to DOMi. Or do you refer to something else?
I was just making sure that calendar hadn't actually had a version bump when this happened, but I suppose with a version like 1.0pre, you don't have much to work with.
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use new uri for Sunbird main window
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I don't have checkin permissions therefore I'd like you to checkin the changes for me.
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use new uri for Sunbird main window
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