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Thunderbird3: Move Invitations link into status bar


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Andreas suggested (and I agree), that we could move the invitations link into the statusbar, next to the unread count and total count. It would remain a link, or at least look clickable:

┆                                                                              ┆
β”‚ β˜‰ β”‚ [Downloading Messages...   β–Ύ] β”‚ Invitations: 1 β”‚ Unread: 20 β”‚ Total: 791 β”‚
Flags: tb-integration?
Thanks to browser wrapping, it of course doesn't look quite how I expected, but you get the picture ;-)

┆                                                                           ┆
β”‚ β˜‰ β”‚ [Downloading Messages.. β–Ύ] β”‚ Invitations: 1 β”‚ Unread: 20 β”‚ Total: 791 β”‚
I like it. Just to add:
- IMO if there are no open invitations, it should vanish.
- This bug may obsolete bug 460404.
Not sure if we should make it vanish. If we do, I think the thunderbird unread count should also vanish if there are no unread messages. Bryan, what do you think?

Novice users may wonder where their invitations went.
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> Novice users may wonder where their invitations went.

Does that mean you think answered invitations should appear in the dialog?
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> Does that mean you think answered invitations should appear in the dialog?

No, I would just advise to keep "Invitations: 0" in the statusbar in case we should also keep the unread count.
I suggest that the "Invitations: X" entry is shown only if there exists at least one switched on calendar that supports this feature. If e.g. only local calendars are used the entry useless and should not be displayed at all.
I just talked with christian:

* No calendars that support it, no invitations
* We should only show invitations if there are any.
Whiteboard: [needs patch]
Attached patch Fix - v1 β€” β€” Splinter Review
This patch takes care of the calendar side, its up to the thunderbird crew to decide to hide the unread count if its 0. This also fixes bug 404468, while we are at it.

This patch has ui=christian, as discussed.
Attachment #344280 - Flags: ui-review+
Attachment #344280 - Flags: review?(daniel.boelzle)
Whiteboard: [needs patch]
Sorry, missed a qrefresh. In calendar-common-sets.xul I also remove <command id="calendar_toggle_invitations_command"
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Fix - v1

works as expected; r=dbo
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Pushed to comm-central <>

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