urlbar should honor the browser.urlbar.autoFill pref, and it should default to true



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Some feature requests.

I would like to see a close icon on the address bar if there is more than one folder open. So I do not have to scroll to left to be able to close it.

I would also like the address field to work pretty much like the Chrome browser.
Chrome will autofill the address field with a address that matches most when entering letters.... When using Chrome (yes I switched) I only have to type a couple of letters + ENTER.
In Fennec (and Firefox) I have to type the letters and I have to select from the list....
The Chrome way to select a new URL is way more intuitive and faster.

Please please copy what Chrome does here !!!!!

That said.... I really like Fennec. Keep up the good work.

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First let me recommend that in the future you create a separate bug report for each defect or feature request. I suggest that you move the first item in this list to a new bug. When you do, could you provide a little more detail? I don't know what you mean by having multiple folders open.

As for the autocompletion, the behavior you request used to be the default in Firefox some years ago. The Firefox urlbar looks at a pref called "browser.urlbar.autoFill", but Fennec's urlbar doesn't.

So, let's morph the bug to cover just the urlbar:

Fennec should ship with the "browser.urlbar.autoFill" pref set to true, and honor it in exactly the fashion Firefox honors it. If what the user has typed is a prefix of any of the urls returned by places, the first such url should be prefilled. Otherwise, nothing is prefilled.
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Summary: Fennec feature requests (close icon on address bar and Chrome like address field) → urlbar should honor the browser.urlbar.autoFill pref, and it should default to true

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10 years ago
Sorry for that double feature request.
Have now filed another bug for #1 here:


Thanks for the info of #2
Hope someone can do this before this puppy gets released.
So the question of this behavior - to do inline autocomplete or not - has been back and forth a lot for Firefox.  See bug 333722, and the much older bug 186136.

So far, consensus seems to be in favour of not aggressively autocompleting.  The arguments there, about it making it more difficult to enter urls that are not the autocompleting ones, hold here too, I think.  Now, that said, things may be different on mobile because of different placement of arrow keys, or having to move your hands from the keybord to tap the screen -- if someone wants to think that through and make that case, please do!
aggressively autocompleting could make it more difficult to use the URLbar for searches.

Comment 5

10 years ago
Mark Finkle said:
"aggressively autocompleting could make it more difficult to use the URLbar for

Well, I can tell I have switched to Chrome (despite some of it's bugs) for most of my browsing....
And guess what one of the main reasons for this is: 
It's implemetation of autocompleting....
In chrome I seldom have to enter more than either one, two or three characters and ENTER key to get to a page.

Chromes implementation is way better than how it works in Firefox.
I belive Firefox could learn from Chrome here...

Comment 6

10 years ago
A couple of things:

When in Firefox one can as stated above set browser.urlbar.autoFill to true.

In Fennec please make this settable without having to go into config... why on earth this is not doable from Tools->Options in Firefox is beyond me.

The way this is implemened in Firefox is not as good as it could have been.
After I set browser.urlbar.autoFill to true in Firefox I still have to start typing "www." before starting to type the domain name.... if not, then the autocomplete does not work.
Have done a lot of searching to see if I could make this work without first typing "www." in Firefox but no no... (anybody who knows this?)

In my opinion it would work much better if one did not have to start typing "www." to make it work....

I want to visit www.photographyblog.com
After my first visit to this site I want to be able to just enter:
p or ph or whatever makes a match without having to type www.p or www.ph

See how the Chrome browser works... they have gotten it so easy and intuitive to use autocomplete.

I belive it is even more important to work like this on Fennec than on Firefox.

Just my one cent


10 years ago
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Simply adds same support as Firefox.
Assignee: nobody → mark.finkle
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Meaning, "browser.urlbar.autoFill" is honored, but left set to false by default

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10 years ago
Mark Finkle said:
"Meaning, "browser.urlbar.autoFill" is honored, but left set to false by default"

Does that mean that one does NOT have to enter www in front of the typed letter in order to make autoFill to work, or will I have to enter www first.

If I have to enter www first by default, then please make it easy to change it so one does not have to enter the www part.
(In reply to comment #9)
> Does that mean that one does NOT have to enter www in front of the typed letter
> in order to make autoFill to work, or will I have to enter www first.

No. It means that it works just like Firefox. You need to type "www" for Firefox, iirc, so you need to in Fennec as well.

> If I have to enter www first by default, then please make it easy to change it
> so one does not have to enter the www part.

I am happier following Firefox for now. The code to make that change could be much more obtrusive. File a new bug on just the "www" part?

Comment 11

10 years ago
More obtrusive.... hmm, for whom.

And if it is supposed to be obtrusive, then why not just make it possible for users to be able use the autoFill feature without having to enter www part.

This is one of the reasons Chrome now is my favourite browser (how intuitive and fast the autoFill is on Chrome, compared to Firefox).

I also belive that this will matter more on a handheld, where typing is much more awkward.

Just my 2 cents

Comment 12

10 years ago
I've been using chrome continually for about two weeks. its urlbar behavior sucks.

please leave your opinions about other products out of your bug reports. thanks. otherwise you're inviting everyone will insert their own.

fwiw, i have two urls that i periodically want to copy:
how to get a stack trace for a bug report
how to get a stack trace with windbg

chrome is able to remember that i like searching for them, but it insists on failing to remember the right urls. whereas firefox gets this right.

fwiw. after one attempt with each of those queries, my fennec is now properly offering me the MDC urls. which means I no longer have to bang my head against chrome.

If you have specific problems relating to www., write a blog post or a newsgroup post or something. or file a detailed bug against firefox explaining precisely the behavior (with steps) you expect and how the results differ.

Comment 13

10 years ago
Okay by me.

But the point is this:

You say you prefer Firefox way of handling autoFill. Okay by me to.
Others may have an other opinion. Such as I (I belive I'm not alone).

Why not make it possible for Firefox endusers to make their own choise by at least letting them control this behaviour themselves.
Should not be that hard to give them the option to make autoFill work without 
having to fill out www all the time.

I have no intention of making a blog about this. Have lots of other things to do. And I still belive that this is the correct forum to post this.

At the end, it does not matter much what you as a developer feel is correct for your self.... It is the endusers opinion that matters.

Would be interesting to see what the conclusion from a survey against endusers would have been about the "www" issue. One targeted against hard core browser developers and the other targeted normal endusers without any software developing skills.

One thing I thought should be the goal to all software developers is this:

To make it so that the enduser could get where he wanted with a minimum of keyboard input, or a minimum of UI clicks.

Do we really want to support this pref in Fennec? Not sure it's worth it, and trimming unneeded code is much more important here than it is in Firefox... at the very least, we could avoid having the observer and just require restarts for it to take effect.
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9 years ago
First - great work on this - very cool. It has a ways to go (speed, resource usage improvements, rendering), but da*n if this isn't going to be the most sought after app once that's straightened out. Awesome.

@timeless - 
> please leave your opinions about other products out of your bug reports.
> thanks. otherwise you're inviting everyone will insert their own.

I don't agree with this unless unnecessarily overboard. Giving examples of desired behavior even if used elsewhere is great. I hate it when something is submitted and the explanation is nebulous or I don't fully understand and there are no examples or something else to look at. There may be other issues (I won't mention) at hand, but that's not what you are addressing. After all, aren't all enhancement requests and many bug reports subjective anyway and draw opinions of whatever? Guess I don't follow your point. Perhaps take the Equilibrium route on our Prozium and not feel one way or another?

@Tore - I agree with comment 13. Very good points.

I am always perplexed/surprised by developer (or team) making decisions based on no MR and decisions that may not be what the mass wants. I learned a long time ago that sitting on the the development end of a product creates a bit of functional fixedness. 

No offense meant, jut my .02. A bit off this report, but very relevant. Listen to those using it. Providing more choice is better than none (most of the time unless the choice is absolutely destructive rather than something like this). This philosopy has carried to the point that I can't think of an OS or most good software packages that don't give the user several ways to do the same thing to fit their preference/habits. In the late 90s when a certain company took this seriously, it was criticized heavily, but now most follow - even if they are competitors. It works. Extreme example for this simple request? Of course, but it took a very customer/user-centric view.

Yes, I love FF and have used it more and more since 1.0 and rely on it for almost everything (even with some of the weirdness - always tradeoffs). Now I only switch to another if FF just can't handle (rare now- even always being on a beta version). However, current autocomplete, even when enabled, is not great and from my (and others I know) pov, pretty much useless so just leave it disabled periodically re-enabling hoping for improvement. An area that is so handy, yet for some reason has taken the back burner.

"do we really want to support this pref in Fennec?" - heck yeah. It's livable on fullsize keyboards, but I would have expected it to be improved and usable with keyboards that are less than optimal - this request is perfect for a mobile device and seems compulsory.

I agree with code cutting since fennec on an N900 is faster than it was, but still very slow and w/in 15-20 mins of using it'll increase memory use 70-90MB and put the device into a very unresponsive swap h*ll.

Cheers and keep up the great work. I am looking forward to this once it is something I can make my default browser.
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