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Auto verify: was page saved correctly or was not


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(excuse me for my bad english)

As we know, all programs that longer that 10 lines contains errors. If program have no errors - this just mean that errors was not discovered yet... joke :-)

It is always possible that web page will not saved correctly because of bugs in browser. Sometimes this errors is silent: user click "save page", browser did not give any error message but page was corrupted/was not saved. I saw such errors in Opera, in Mozilla and in Konqueror. So, user can't be sure that his/her info was saved. And this is very annoying: if you save something important - then you should:
- go to the place where page was saved and look: does saved document exists?
- close network connection (or go to offline mode) and clean the cache to be sure that browser will read document only from disk;
- open document and look: does document saved correctly? Does images saved?

I will be good if process of verify page saving will be automated.
I want to offer some levels of such verification.

First of all, there should be an option 
[V] Verify page saving :-)

Level 1. Just control that file(s) of saved page exists. 
I really saw a situation when browser silently do nothing when user try save page.

Level 2. 
Automatically and invisible for user try to open saved document. 
I saw a situations when browser could not open some pictures/frames in saved page.

If verifying was failed then browser should open message like this: "Page was not saved correctly because of internal program error. Please try to save page under different name that contains only digits and latin characters. What you wish to do now?
[V] Try to save page again
[V] Send bug report to developers"

IMHO you will catch many interesting bugs with this feature :-)

[I will also try to send this feature request to other browsers developers. Let's make world better :-) ]

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Whiteboard: [CLOSEME 2010-11-01]
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