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Selected event in unifinder is not highlighted in calendar view


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(Reporter: andreas.treumann, Assigned: martinschroeder)


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- select an event in the unifinder


- the selected event is not highlighted in the calendar view


- the selected event should be highlighted in the calendar view


- always

Same behavior vice versa.

Last build without this issue: 20081022, first with this bug: 20081023.
Fallout from my last checkin... fix to come.
Assignee: nobody → mschroeder
Bug 452381 was reopened because of this regression. See Bug 452381 comment #5 ff.
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Summary: selecected event in unifinder is not highlighted in calendar view → Selected event in unifinder is not highlighted in calendar view
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Looks good, r=philipp
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Przemyslaw, please do not set the checkin-needed keyword for patches from people having checkin rights.
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Sorry. Assuming the author would forget to add it can it be checked somewhere if he has them ?
or I will just use them on my own bugs...
Przemyslaw, there is no way to check who has those rights, so just set them on your own bugs.

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Closed: 11 years ago
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I'm still experiencing part of this in actual trunk builds.

in Multiweek- & Month-view, if you select a single event in unifinder, only the respective day gets highlighted, not the event.
if you select more than one, it works as expected.

Reopening this one for now, but I can also file a new bug if desired.
I'll have a look into this soon.
Resolution: FIXED → ---
First analysis showed that if a single event is selected in unifinder with month-view shown, relayout is triggered.
The relayout Method does not take into account selected items, so the box is not highlighted.
An easy fix would be:
  if (this.calendarView.mSelectedItems.indexOf(aItem) != -1) {
      box.setAttribute("selected", true);
in the relayout method.

Since in Day- & MultiDay-view, the selection is even retained if switched to next day/week and back and in Month-view with this fix it is not, I'm not sure yet, if this is the way to do it.
I Will have to get more understanding of the selection-stuff in lightning.
Just wondering:
do we really want to keep items selected, that are not in the current view?
This might en in deleting items you don't want to delete without confirmation and without seeing them disappear - thus unnoticed.
What is with items that are visible in the unifinder but not in a view?
One example:
1. go to week view
2. select an item in the unifinder
3. select another item, that is not in the current view.
4. change focus to the view by clicking the forward button
5. change back to the original week with the back button
6. selection in the unifinder is barely noticeable (at least with the current standard theme in ubuntu, windows7 is better)
7. hit delete

Outcome: both items are deleted, one may well go unnoticed.

Maybe we should rethink the way these selections work.
At least it should be more clear, which field has the focus and hitting delete should only delete the items in the focused view.
Any comments?
Keywords: uiwanted
(In reply to Markus Adrario [:Taraman] from comment #10)
> Reopening this one for now, but I can also file a new bug if desired.
> I'll have a look into this soon.

I think filing a new bug report is more appropriate.

see Bug 723436
Closed: 11 years ago8 years ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED
Keywords: uiwanted
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