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10 years ago
Thunderbird should follow the Sunbird model of putting all mail-related strings into mail/locales instead of spreading them around the mail/ directory.

Therefore we should move the strings from mail/branding/nightly/locales/en-US to mail/locales/en-US/chrome/branding.

This would also give us the added benefit, that those strings would be included in the compare-locales comparison, which they currently aren't (which is a different bug strictly speaking).


10 years ago
Summary: Move inofficial branding strings to a more logical location → Move unofficial branding strings to a more logical location
I don't see any benefits to this. At the moment those files are not localised (see, and they don't need to be either because they aren't official builds. AFAIK no localisers have complained about this for Thunderbird (and I'm assuming they don't complain lots for Firefox either).

The files which do matter, i.e. those in other-licenses should be showing up on compare-locales.

The benefit of the way I've done it in Thunderbird is that all the branding files for a particular branding are together in one directory. This greatly simplifies the makefiles, I can just point at $(MOZ_BRANDING_DIRECTORY)/.... rather than doing some complicated makefile logic.
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10 years ago
After thinking about this a bit, I think that Mark is right. Marking WONTFIX.
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