Want FF to 'remember' where you were when you shut it down AND the o/s




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So that when you start your o/s AND first open FF, it gives you the option to restore your previous session(s). This is not the same as the third option in preferences (restore the session every time you close FF). I can't see the use of this option. Having shut FF down, but not the operating system, why would you want to ALWAYS open the new session at the same place?. However, if you've finished working for the day and close your operating system down as well as FF, it makes sense to want to open it when you restart your operating system at the same tabs and windows. With FF2, you used to be able to achieve this by not closing down your FF windows and tabs when you closed your o/s, FF would assume it had crashed and give you the option when you restarted it and the o/s to restore the previous session. This was a very very useful feature as I often have two or three windows open and several tabs and it's not one in IE

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10 years ago
You should get a prompt asking you whether you want to Save your tabs on shutdown (currently doesn't work if only one tab is open, though). If you don't, make sure that Tools -> Options -> Tabs -> "Warn me when closing multiple tabs" is checked. That should make this bug WORKSFORME.

As for the option to restore a session at startup, that'd be bug 452772.

BTW: You were relying on a bug in Firefox 2.0: Firefox should never have confused a clean shutdown with a crash (and finally doesn't anymore).
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10 years ago
Thanks for your comments. Bug 452772 is different ISTM. I want it to happen only when the machine closes down. So when you restart you're where you were. Very useful and multiple windows AND tabs ideally!
I know about the bug in FF2, quite a few people in mozilla.support.firefox commented on it's usefulness and regret it's passing!

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10 years ago
It's been pointed out to me that it _does_ work when you set warn me when closing mutiple tabs for multiple windows some with tabs, however it doesn't work (of course) if you have multiple windows open with no tabs. So it would be useful if you could set it to do this on closedown
There's restore previous session functionality in firefox 4.0.1, WFM
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