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I am working on the development of a web application that intensively use JavaScript. We mainly use jQuery (with livequery), customized ExtJS features and custom classes.

We certainly still have a few pseudo-memory leaks issues (objects that could be cleared during execution, or memory that grow up when using a web page), but I am more concerned by what I think are real chrome memory leak issues that remain in Firefox 3 (high memory usage after closing all tabs).

Reproducible: Sometimes

Steps to Reproduce:
1. create an account at
2. make some items
3. toggle between list view/grid view, change pages etc
4. open other tabs of the application and do other actions
5. memory usage at this point should  be around 300MB-1.5GB
6. close tabs
7. memory usage is still very high, and the browser being using virtual memory, the application gets slow, Firefox need to be restarted

I have done testing using Leak Monitor, and it will a report of multiple memory leaks after closing a window coming from the following places:
-, 237-237
-, 10-1
-, 62-65
-, 240-242
-, 235-237

According to David Baron, from what I understand, these reports mean there are memory leaks in FF.

Unfortunately Leak Monitor will point me to general function calls that get applied to all functions, and the lack of a call stack makes it hard to find the pattern in the code.

I have been trying to narrow down the memory leak issues to identify the pattern that trigger them, but without real success.

I had more useful information using Drip from Joel Webber, but it is specifically designed for identifying object leaking in IE chrome, not FF.

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Created attachment 345770 [details]
Log Report from Leak Monitor 0.4.2 after closing a random itemize window

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small errata:

By According to David Baron, I mean according to Leak Monitor's website: "The things that are exposed to Web pages are definitely things that shouldn't leak, and most of those bugs are close to being fixed", which dates back from 2006

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Stop bothering developers with this minor problem, you are the only one, who has it

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excuses for comment 3, some is spamming various bugs, see bug 567347
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