Find some way out of our MDN l10n woes



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9 years ago
From bug 461112 comment 26, we have several problems with the localization of the message delivery notification strings in

* bug 335534 intended to remove the l10n note saying to only translate one string in the file from both the suite copy and the tbird copy, but only removed it from the suite. I removed it from tbird now, but...

* removing a l10n note from en-US doesn't remove it from already localized copies, nor does it automatically tell localizers that it is no longer correct and they should translate the strings

  * For the MsgMdn* strings that make up the body of the return receipt, as shows, some locales have translated in suite and tbird, some have only translated in suite, some haven't translated at all, de has translated plus included [English]

  * For the Mdn*Receipt strings that make up the subject of the return receipt, as shows, some locales have translated one, some two, some none, and de and fr have translated but with QP rather than UTF-8, apparently working around bug 462725 rather than reporting it (well, okay, rather than finding some way to make bug 335534 comment 27 actually get heard).

Given that we've misled different locales into different states of wrongness, I don't see any way out other than treating this as a tracker, dependent on a dozen or so locale-specific bugs.
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