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Outlook 2003 Calendar UID are line wrapped when added to Calendar -


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Lightning 0.9
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Outlook 2003 Calendar UIDs are line wrapped when added to Calendar eg:





SUMMARY:Updated: DC Project - 2nd SOP Review Workshop (Day 1).

When these events are sent to my Nokia Mobil phone via Bluetooth Multisync - the process hangs and does not complete.

This is repeatable, If I edit the Calendar.ics file and remove the line wraps its all good. If I open the event via Lightning and re-save the UID is wrapped as above and any update attempt via Multisync will hang. This also has the side effect of duplicating any existing events.

Reproducible: Always

Steps to Reproduce:
1. Outlook 2003 Calendar event _ Accept in Thunderbird/Lightning
2. UID is wrapped onto next line
3. Run MultiSync to update mobile Phone via Bluetooth
Actual Results:  
Multisync hangs and fails to complete its update of the phone. Duplicating and existing calendar events on the phone.

This is a major pain for me as everyone else in my work place uses Windows. I am the lone warrior trying to break down the barriers.
Version: unspecified → Lightning 0.9
The UID needs to look like this for the update via Multisync to work successfully. 

I doubt there are any exceptions, but rfc2445 specifies that lines should be wrapped at 80 (?) characters, and line continuations having one space at the beginning of the next line and then the rest of the line (until 80 chars of course).

This looks more like a multisync bug, or an issue with your phone?
Its not the phone - tried 2 x 6233 and 6110.

Its the break at the UID label that causes the problem. You may also be right that Multisync should handle it, but it does not seem to. 

UID:  <------- this is how it appears in the file
This will work if I edit the Calendar.ics file

So you receive an invitation via email. Does the attachment from outlook already have this behavior, that the line is wrapped directly after UID: ? Or does this happen only when exporting from Lightning?
This is the data from the Outlook .ics file

SUMMARY:Updated: DC Project - 2nd SOP Review Workshop (Day 1).

This is the data in the calendar.ics file:




SUMMARY:Updated: DC Project - 2nd SOP Review Workshop (Day 1).
Please note the is not lines between on the second UID string. The web site is adding those:

Attached patch patch - v1 β€” β€” Splinter Review
libical starts folding if the first line (of a multi-line property) has a ' ', ';' or ':' which is not wrong due to <>, but IMHO unnecessary.

Kyle, you should file a bug against Multisync, too.
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Ok I'll file a bug with Multisync.

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Looks good, we should make sure the libical part gets pushed upstream.

Please remind me to contact dothebart about either pushing or giving me svn access.

philipp, let me know your handle, so I can add you.
Pushed to comm-central <>

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Attached patch current libical changes β€” β€” Splinter Review
Wilfried/Philipp, these are our current changes to libical 0.40. It's a slightly modified diff against rev 714 of comm-central. Would be cool to see some of this upstream libical, which makes updating easier for us in the future. Thanks!
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