Attempting to create folders with duplicate names is confusing



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Thunderbird 3
Mac OS X
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9 years ago
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1) Right-click and select Create Folder on a folder where you already have sub folders
2) Enter a name of an existing sub folder
3) Click ok.

At this stage, nothing happens.

4) Get confused, click ok a couple more times
5) Click cancel
6) You now get multiple alerts telling you that the folder name is a duplicate (number of alerts depends on how many times you clicked ok).

Expected results: tell me when I click ok.
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I think this is for the IMAP case?  I'm seeing a dialog stopping me from repeating this on Local Folders.  It's not a design I'd put on my mom's refrigerator, but it seems to do exactly what you're expecting.

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9 years ago
I see it on Local Folders as well. So I think it might be mac only.
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alternate dialog plan

here's a new design for this dialog that I'd recommend if someone had the chance to work on it.

Instead of having this post ( OK ) clicking dialog appear I think we could move that warning into the new folder dialog itself.  Just have the text appear w/ the icon underneath the folder name and disable the ( OK ) button.  

This could possibly fix the bug in the current Mac as well as make the general dialog a bit more friendly.
Bug 44104 would be a great place to put that alternate plan (even moreso if we created MailNews Core: Shared UI and moved it there), since it's been waiting for a solution and talking about the IMAP async callback problem for eight years now.

This, I suspect, is a widget: cocoa bug, where we call window.openDialog(...modal...) from then from the onOK in we call another fuction that winds up in one of the C++ impls of CreateSubfolder which calls ThrowAlertMsg in where our nsIPrompt->Alert() has to wait until the initial sheet goes away before it can show. Given the number of places we call ThrowAlertMsg, it would be nice to have that work whether or not we keep this caller.

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9 years ago
For imap duplicate folders don't give me any feedback at all... just fails.
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I'd love to see this get done, but we're not going to block the final release if this isn't finished.
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