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I'm having an issue with the ordering of items in the FF3 location bar. When I type "red" into the location bar, I get the following results:

1. newest submissions : (
2. (
3. submit (
4. what's new online! (

Now, no matter how much I select #4, and don't select any of the other ones (and hardly ever visit the other ones compared to #4), #4 stays in that position and doesn't move up the list. Isn't the location bar supposed to be smart and adapt to my behaviour over time?

Reproducible: Always
Ryan, your assessment of how it's supposed to work is correct; what are the "Visit Count" values for each respective URL?  You can context-click the sort widgets to add "Visit Count"

Comment 2

9 years ago
Thanks for looking into this Stephen.  I got tired of the behaviour and implemented my own workaround by deleting the items above #4 from the results.  So I don't think I'll be able to tell you the visit count for items 1-3, although I can assure you they were in the 10-20 range, if not lower, while #4 was well above 100.

So I can get the visit count if this bug reoccurs (I have already experienced one reoccurence, although it is not happening currently), can you explain a little more how I'm supposed to find visit count for each url?  What sort widgets do I context click, and where do I find them?  Thanks.

Comment 3

9 years ago
OK, I've got one possible reoccurrence, although it's not nearly as blatant as the original, so it might not be a great example:

When I type "glo" into the location bar, I get:

1. ( 143 visits
2. Canada's National Newspaper ( 169 visits

The first redirects to the second.  I'll be watching to see what happens as I continue to select the second result.  When should I expect it to be #1?

Comment 4

9 years ago
Another, better reoccurrence:

When I type "red":

1. politics (, 5 visits, last 02/11/08
2. overview for rfugger (, 23 visits, last 22/10/08
3. what's new online (, 355 visits, last 3:29 pm today (14/11/08)

Strangely, when I add another "d" to get "redd" in the location bar, the results seem to order fine, and earlier this afternoon I was getting fine results when type "red"...
Go to Bookmarks | Organize Bookmarks, and context-click on either Name, Tags, or Location, and add "Visit Count", though judging from comment 3 and comment 4, looks like you found it :-) (Sorry for the late reply.)

Some of this might be tricky if the sites use an <iframe>; not sure why, in comment 4, #2 comes up before #3, though.
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