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Exptoolbar needs an addrbook.png icon in pinstripe as it is in qute


(Thunderbird :: Address Book, defect)

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Thunderbird 3.0b1


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This isn't strictly needed for Tb, but not having it breaks exptoolbar on the mac, and it seems a generally useful icon to be able to build on.  The icon itself that's included in this patch is the one from qute.
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new icon and patch

I'm not sure what that brown thing is, but it's sure not an addressbook - addressbooks look like

If you just want to have chrome://messenger/skin/addressbook/icons/addrbook.png load an image that looks like an addressbook in either Qute or Pinstripe, adding |% override chrome://messenger/skin/addressbook/icons/addrbook.png chrome://messenger/skin/addressbook/icons/remote-addrbook.png| in Pinstripe's ought to get the job done without needing to add another image (and certainly not that furrin looking one! ;)
And depending on whether you as my sample of one would find it more, or less, confusing, we should maybe switch the Pinstripe parallel to the one use of the /addrbook.png URL in Qute over to using the /addrbook.png alias, instead of having it get to remote-addrbook.png directly.
Sorry, I steered you completely wrong, because our hideous tangle of CSS made me think I understood what it was doing wrong, when I only understood the *other* half of what it was doing wrong.

Rather than add that image, please hg mv mail/themes/pinstripe/mail/addrbook/addressbook-sidebar.png to addrbook.png, change the name in, and change the name in the two spots in CSS where it's used.

I'll either hack out all the unused and bogus CSS that threw me off track in another bug, or drink until those brain cells go on to a better place.
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here ya go.  check it in if it works for you.
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as requested

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