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Broken breakpad incident report



10 years ago
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My browser crashed earlier today for the first time in weeks.  Sadly, the breakpad incident for the crash (linked in the url field) is completely busted: no stack, no modules, no raw dump.  It does have the build id and version and product correct, as well as the crash time.
It's possible that breakpad couldn't create a dump file.
Does submitz.log or the breakpad-id.txt in your profile contain any info ?
Neither file is present in my profile.
The files are on win32 under %APPDATA%\Mozilla\Firefox\Crash Reports\ while the profile itself is %APPDATA%\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\xxxxxxxx.default\ , should be comparable under OS X.

BTW: You can activate the OS X OS crash reporter : http://www.mozilla.org/mailnews/osxinfo.html
If he got a crash report ID on the server, the crash ws submitted successfully. The fact that it shows some details but no stack indicates that the processor failed to process the minidump.

Lars: I know you were looking at making the processor handle failure more gracefully, is that still waiting on a deployment to production?
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fwiw, the submit.log file does list the crash as submitted successfully.  There is no file matching *.txt anywhere in Crash Reports, other than the submitted/bp-UUID.txt files.
We're doing a push to production later today that will include saving the error code from breakpad-stackwalk.  The 'message' it the 'reports' table will contain a message and the 'success' field will be 'False' if a dump fails.

If you'd like the actual "ERROR" line from breakpad_stackwalk to be captured, it will have to be an enhancement.
That might be nice, but at least it will give people more info, so they aren't as confused. I don't think this is the only bug report we have filed on cases like this. There are definitely going to be times when we get broken minidumps, but as long as we can tell the user that we couldn't process it, that's better than nothing.
Fixed with the push in comment #6 to pass the error from minidump_stackwalk to the user.
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6 years ago
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