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9 years ago
Hi. I'm in the process of trying to build up and formalize our visual design community, and a key part of that is having a centralized way we can communicate with people who are interested in participating.

So, I'd like to set up a design mailing list. Based on the format at, I was thinking the name could be "design" and the description could be "Discussion of topics pertaining to Mozilla's visual design community."

Also, does filing this bug also help set up the Google Group? I'm not totally sure how it all works, but am hoping this is the correct first step. Let me know if it's not.

Based on earlier discussions with sethb, jslater is really wanting a newsgroup. or or something?
OS: Mac OS X → All
Hardware: PC → All
Summary: please create new 'design' mailing list → please create new 'design' newsgroup

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9 years ago
Thanks Reed. works for me...I'd prefer not to have the word 'marketing' in the title if possible.
jslater: the one bug gives you newsgroup, mailing list and Google Group.

My preferred naming option would be "" - we have the "community" space for non-development community groups. Is that OK?


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9 years ago
That's perfect, thanks Gerv!
Moving to Server Ops for action.

Assignee: gerv → server-ops
Component: Newsgroups → Server Operations
QA Contact: justdave → mrz
Summary: please create new 'design' newsgroup → Create "" newsgroup/mailing list/Google Group
Component: Server Operations → Newsgroups
QA Contact: mrz → justdave

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9 years ago
Hi all. Apologies for the confusion here...after some side discussion with Gerv, Matt Z and others I decided it would be best to set up a moderated mailing list for this instead (as in, one-way communication from us rather than a group discussion).

I'm closing this bug and filed bug 466309 for the mailing list. Thanks for your help, and for bearing with me on this.
Last Resolved: 9 years ago
Resolution: --- → WONTFIX
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