Need a way to track back a line of code to where it entered the codebase



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We need a way, given a particular line in a particular revision of a particular file, to figure out where it came from.

With Bonsai, the process looks something like this:

1)  See what revision it's blamed on.
2)  Load previous revision's blame (see bug 466017).
3)  If line is still there, go back to step 1.
4)  If not, look at diff from the blamed revision, as well as the patch in
    the bug that the revision fixed, to see whether the line got moved from a
    different file.  If so, go back to step 1 with the relevant revision of
    the different file (which might since have been removed, of course; in that
    case look in Attic).

The bonsai process is pretty suboptimal, but it's not clear to me what the equivalent hgweb process would even be.  And if we can make this simpler, so much the better!
Seems like this kind of depends on bug 466017, right?
If the same process if followed, sure.  Maybe there's a better user-side process that could happen, though.
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