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Provide a way to download the associated minidump file


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Making the minidump file available will allow them to be opened in visual studio and examined further. It will also allow them to be converted to core files for use on other platforms.
I don't think we have the storage for this. Each minidump is only ~50k, but we process tens of thousands of crashes a day. It's unfortunate, but it's reality. There was a bug filed (that I can't find, maybe it got closed) about saving a few minidumps per topcrash signature, which still might be a decent way to go.
Even keeping all the minidumps from the last month would be substantially more useful than not having them at all. If we haven't seen a particular crash in the last month it's probably not _that_ important. 

Still, a years worth of crashes @ 35k per day is only about 600GB which really isn't that much.
Is there a possibility for a (raw) minidump to contain potentially private information? I know that Microsoft's reporting program makes particular mention at various stages about how dumps are encrypted and only allowed to be seen by a small group of people.
Yes, it contains the entire stack for all threads in the process. If we did implement anything like this, it would be limited to authenticated trusted users. Minidumps are currently submitted over SSL and deleted as soon as they are processed.
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Once we have the admin-panel up, we should provide a way for authorized users to grab the associated mini-dump.
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Summary: Crashes reports should provide a way to download the associated minidump file. → Provide a way to download the associated minidump file
Whiteboard: admin-panel
Target Milestone: Future → 1.2
-> Ryan for 1.2.  Lars, Frank; we'll need to work with IT and Ryan to determine how to generate these links and offer these files to secure users with the right LDAP permissions.
Assignee: fwenzel → ryan
Attached file Python script
For now, here is a Python 3.1 script that will download a crash by UUID, assuming you have access to the minidump storage machine. Basic usage:

  python3.1 93a2e5b4-ae58-4684-9751-519232091115

Run 'python3.1 -h' for options.
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Aravind - the hard part is to start saving this data so we can pull it later for authenticated users. From there it's pretty easy to grab it.
@Morgamic: so.. we are currently storing the raw dumps already (only for a week).

There is already a bug in place discussing how long they should be stored for (526345).  Is there anything else you guys need from me on this bug?
Raw dumps will no longer be available via the file system.  This patch provides urls for the logged-in developer to fetch either the .dump file and .json file containing the raw dump.

Per Avarind, Apache will be configured to prompt the user for their LDAP credentials when accessing either of these files.  A separate ticket will be created for this after the patch is approved.
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Patch 1 for 466022

Very cool. Nice touch with the raw_dump_availability.

Updated docs at

Will need config file on stage updated.  See #531872.


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