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media queries should use page size when printing


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The media queries 'width', 'height', and 'aspect-ratio' should use the page size when printing.  jmaher has some tests for this on bug 466171, although I haven't seen them yet, and bzbarsky pointed out the bug in the code when this came up.

Here's a patch that I *think* should fix the issue (although I haven't seen the tests yet, and since jmaher has them, I'm not going to spend time rewriting them).
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This fixes device-* the same way, and does a little bit of code consolidation into helper functions.

I posted about whether this is the right thing for device-*, but I think it's good enough for now, and certainly a lot better than what we were doing (at least for the print preview case; it might have been a little better for print).

The tests for this patch are in bug 466171.  Once this lands, the remaining failures I see in those tests are all issues described in bug 466171 comment 11.
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Fixed on mozilla-central:

Still needs to land on 1.9.1, and the tests from bug 466171 still need to land.
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Fixed on 1.9.1:
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Target Milestone: mozilla1.9.2a1 → mozilla1.9.1b3
I missed fixing 'orientation' here; it is fixed by attachment 354400 [details] [diff] [review] on bug 468645.
See Also: → 1414600
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