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I'd like to request static IPs for the mobile boxes... I've got one wired connection and 3 wifi (Mozilla-Guest), but that's going to become one wired and 13 wifi in the near future.  Not sure if you want to pre-allocate, or if I should just file bugs as needed.

Currently, these are the devices:

n800-talos01  00:19:4F:D5:91:FB  (currently dhcp
n800-unit01   00:19:4F:D5:86:CC  (currently dhcp

and the mac mini (staging-mobile-master), which I am running on both wifi and wired:
wired  00:16:cb:b0:75:66  (currently dhcp
wifi   00:1f:f3:d9:3e:5f  (currently dhcp

I'm running both since the n800's need to be able to talk to the mini, and we have to be able to get to Mozilla-Guest through remote VPN, which I had issues with from home.


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Punting to Sean.
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Sitting for more than a week & sean's out - justdave, can you handle this?
Assignee: sean → justdave
The following IP addresses have been assigned:  staging-mobile-master  staging-mobile-master-wifi  n800-talos01  n800-unit01  n800-unit02  n800-unit03  n800-unit04  n800-unit05  n800-unit06  n800-unit07  n800-unit08  n800-unit09  n800-unit10  n800-unit11  n800-unit12  n800-unit13

The top 4 are in DHCP and should pick up the new addresses if you renew their leases (or next time they renew on their own).  All are DNS-supported.  The last 12 you'll need to supply the MAC addresses to get them into DHCP (or just set them up statically, your choice).  If I guessed wrong on the naming scheme, I can fix that, just let me know. :)
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Forgot to mention, there is no internal DNS inside the guest network, only internet DNS.  You can look those up from the internal network though.
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