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10 years ago
MailNews currently has the option to disable plugins by the mailnews.message_display.allow.plugins. When this is set to false, we block plugins by rejecting loading them in our content policy.

Even though we do that, every time we get a message in, we're rescanning the available plugins. We could really do with a way of disabling this scanning, either selectively or completely in the core code.

I think we could get a small perf gain from doing this, though I haven't measured how much, it does seem a waste of time though.

When this subject came up around the time we were discussing bug 438776, timeless said that we should file a bug on this - so here it is.

I'm not quite sure how we'd handle the add-ons manager, but maybe it should either be a global disable option, or there would be some other way to work it.

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10 years ago
hrm, i'm not sure if i said it, but yes something is needed, i think i've wondered about it for embeddings.

i'm not sure if this is really quite the right fix though.

i believe we basically scan for plugins each time we fail.
in the ideal case, we should scan once, sleep on the fact that plugins are in a certain state and only rescan if we're told (by the os) that the directories / plugins changed (or if the user demands we rescan).
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