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ReleaseUpdatesFactory failed to upload partial MARs because of permission problems


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All other uploads for 3.1b1 and 3.1b2 were done as 'cltbld' - and the directories had 644 permissions. We should probably just make everything from a release upload as either 'ffxbld' or 'cltbld' - but at a bare minimum we need to set the permissions on the candidates dir to 664, and owned by the 'firefox' group. This would let either user upload to them.
Whiteboard: [hg-automation]
For 3.1b2build2 I uploaded all of the builds as 'ffxbld'. As it turns out, the only thing that currently needs to be uploaded as 'cltbld' is signed builds and detached sigs. The only reason for this is that the 'ffxbld' key is not on keymaster.

Does anyone have any objections to putting that key there? (I'm not sure if it's safe to transfer it over the wire, so how to get it there is another question.)
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Sounds like nobody has objections to this. Given that, I'm going to figure out the best way to get the key onto this machine next week. Last chance to object ;-)
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No objections from me to transferring ffxbld over.
Nick, I've been meaning to ask you - is there a particular reason why we make sure cltbld owns everything in releases/?
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I don't think there is, it just has to be an account which no-one outside RelEng has access too. You could easily argue that ffxbld is better than cltbld in that sense. Similarly, we set 644 on the files, and 755 on all the dirs except the contrib/, so that other members of the firefox group can't make modifications in the releases dir.
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Thanks for the confirmation, Nick. I'm going to get the ffxbld key transferred to keymaster and get this done.
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Alright, with ffxbld transferred over I've updated the Combined Signing docs to use ffxbld instead of cltbld. I also went over all of the other upload code (en-US, l10n) and made sure they're using ffxbld.

We should be good to go here. I'll be verifying that when I do a test run after bug 470966 lands.
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