Clicking on Clear Cache (in Preferences) does not appear to clear cache of log-in information for site.



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9 years ago
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9 years ago
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Despite clicking on Empty Cache, the existing information remains active, requiring changed password at to be manually entered each time I wish to view my account details at that site.

Reproducible: Always

Steps to Reproduce:
1.Launch website
2.Click on Login button - returns message indicating incorrect password
3.Select space in Password box and enter current password - opens desired page (account details)
Actual Results:  
1. Establish an account with AAPT ( - establish login details including account name/number
2. Enter account name or number (depending on option chosen) and Password - in the boxes relevant to each
3. Click on Right Arrow button for "Go to"
4. Window displayed (by Camino?) asks if you want to save details for future use - Click "yes" or whatever button indicates the same
5. Once in account go through procedure to change password.
6. Log0ut of personal account page (Returns to AAPT Home) & close down Camino
7. Reopen Camino, go to AAPT Home page - Account Name /Number and Password boxes should contain appropriate symbols.
8. Click on Go To button (Right Arrow) - to date this has resulted in the reported message (Incorrect Password)
9. Close AAPT page
10. Open Camino Preferences and click Empty Cache
11. Close Camino
12. Reopen Camino and launch AAPT - to date, on my iMac this has resulted in a Home page that still displays the cached login information, resulting in the reported behaviour when the Go To (Login) button is clicked

Expected Results:  
The software should have displayed the page that required the password.
Login information has nothing to do with cache, so clearing cache won't do anything.

It's hard to tell, but it sounds like you've never resubmitted the form with the new password, so the Keychain code never knows that you've changed your password and that it should prompt you to update the saved info in the Keychain.

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9 years ago
Have just checked Camino against Safari:
1. Opened browser, went to AAPT Home and clicked log-in button. Camino had previously been used to set up the current password; Safari had not been used for sometime and therefore had not been presented with the current password
2. In each case the log-in was rejected as "invalid password"
3. In each case when the current password was manually entered in the relevant field, log-in was successful
4. In each case one could log-out, then log back in by click on the log-in button
5. BUT after closing the AAPT Home page, doing a Google search & returning to AAPT, Safari had retained the correct password and I could log-in by simply clicking on the log-in button; Camino reset the incorrect password and I had to re-enter the correct one to gain access

Comment 3

9 years ago
Smoky, or whomever checks this out next:
After removing Camino icon from the dock, dragging a new icon to the dock and clicking on the icon to launch Camino,I deleted the AAPT icon from the Bookmark Bar, used Google to find the AAPT Home page, opened it and logged in without a problem.

I will now bookmark AAPT in the Bookmark Menu and see if it still works. If so, I will try placing the bookmark in the Bookmark Bar

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9 years ago
Yep! Definitely fixed. Go figure?!

Comment 5

9 years ago
It sounds like you may have stored two different sets of login information; one correct and one not. If you continue to have problems, open Keychain Access, search for the site, and make sure that you have only one correct entry.
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