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Floating Tab Previews


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On a whim, I coded up a proof of concept of tab previews. When the mouse hovers over a tab, a preview of the tab will pop up in a window. Uses |snapshot| and a modified ThumbnailView to display the previews.

Before I go any further with this, I would like to get others' opinions on this feature. It duplicates part of Tabspose's functionality, but is distinct. This is a quick, non-modal way of seeing the content of a background tab.
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Is the action immediate ? ... if one accidentally mouses over the tab ... Or move the mouse to the location bar ... Shudder.

A bit similar to what Opera 9.6 does ? They used to have a delay before the preview pops up, but that seems gone now.
Ooh, neat.
A delay is worth considering (SeaMonkey does this when showing tab previews which I just notice seems partly broken on trunk)
After my initial hate for this, I thought it out and, if we can get the UI right, I don't see why it can't be a niche feature we have. We'd definitely need a preference for it, of course.
Could we insert the tab preview into the existing tooltip somehow (or combine them)? The OS-native tooltip appear/disappear logic is pretty good and probably alleviates any concerns philippe might have had in comment 1.
I think we'd need to come up with our own logic, based on an NSTimer or somesuch.
hendy, can you attach the work-in-progress patch you coded up in comment 0, if you still have it? Just for posterity's sake, etc.
From IRC:

[12:18am] <sauron> fwiw, i have no problem confirming AS re-arrange any more, but tab previews i think are a cheap gimmick, so I'd only support them with a pref
[12:19am] <cl> k
[12:20am] <sauron> i tried them in iCab when the first came out, and turned them off PDQ
[12:20am] <sauron> they're only still on in Opera because I can't figure out how to turn them off

Confirming contingent on a (disabled by default?) pref allowing users control over this.
Ever confirmed: true
Attached patch Proof of conceptSplinter Review
Here's what I did to get the proof of concept working. Patch is for posterity's sake and can't/shouldn't be applied. Uses a modified version of ThumbnailView.m to make the previews.
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