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Livemark bookmarks get synchronized


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Livemark folders will be synced on first-sync, and their contents skipped.  This is intentional, since Firefox will generate them locally.

After first-sync, however, the engine uses the tracker to figure out new changes, and when the livemark service adds/removes livemark bookmarks they get reported to the tracker as a regular bookmarks add/remove.

Possible solution: change tracker to query the parentid of the added/removed/changed bookmark.  If the parent is a livemark folder, skip.

A possible variation could be to keep track of livemarks.  We already cache all guids, we could modify that data structure to also keep that info.  Not sure what would be more expensive.
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Yes, I don't think anyone needs his live bookmarks get sync, it should be excluded completely from bookmark synchronization... In my case, I have a lot of RSS bookmarks, when it gets sync, the whole Firefox is frozen endlessly. I hate to say this, but now I have to disable bookmark synchronization and weave seems to be useless to me :(

P/S: I wanted to open a new bug for this issue, but I think if suggested solution from Dan Mills is implemented, this will solve my problem gracefully ;-)
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An attempt to solve the livemark synchronization problem.
Doesn't seem to cause major side-effects, but a thorough review and corrections are surely needed.
Thanks Jorge!

I have a modified version of your patch that uses the livemark service instead.  Will attach shortly.
My version of the patch.  I'll commit this soon, if you try it let me know how it works for you.
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