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Thunderbird just gets confused by nsComposerCmdLineHandler.js


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Since Thunderbird doesn't have a clue how to actually deal with an "-edit" commandline flag (unless you consider opening a window with an XML parsing error dealing with), we don't package nsComposerCmdLineHandler.js on Windows (or on Linux, once we have a package manifest for it), which leaves us having to remember that it's okay to see it listed in package-compare output, and having it shipped on OS X unless we develop enough sense to add it to NO_PKG_FILES. Instead of that, since editor/ui/ already has MOZ_SUITE ifdefs, not even having it end up in dist/bin/ for anyone but SeaMonkey seems more reasonable.
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Fix v.1

Hmm, I wonder how many of those composer.js prefs you use ;-)
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I considered the prefs question, and then I thought about filing it and claiming it was a [good first bug], but since I already unset the only bothersome one, the throbber URL, it doesn't seem worth digging through all the callsites to really find out. Yet.
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