World of Warcraft running fullscreen and ALT TAB to desktop and back causes flashing




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When running world of warcraft, alt tab back to the desktop, or windows key to desktop and start a session of Firefox mozilla

Then, clicking world of warcraft will result in a flashing screen but World of Warcraft will not restore.  Your screen remains flashing slowly

Must press windows key again and kill the Mozilla browser completely.  

This allows properly switching back to World of Warcraft.

This problem has been around for quite some time, just lazy to report it till now.

Typically only occurs when you start WOW with no other running apps, window key back to desktop, START mozilla, browser somewhere (anywhere will do), then either click WOW taskbar icon, or ALT-TAB back.  

Does not always do it.

Reproducible: Always

Steps to Reproduce:
1.Start XP
2.Start World Of Warcraft (Wrath of lich king expansion)
3.Play for 1 minute or so
4.Press windows Key
5.Start Mozilla Firefox, surf to a site
6.Press the taskbar icon for WOW.  
== Flashing screen and wont restore world of warcraft may occur== (Random)
To escape this, press escape key, press windows key, press escape key again,
kill the mozilla browser anyway you desire.

World of warcraft now allows you to return to it.

Actual Results:  
Randomly the screen will flash alternating darker shade of color to lighter background color.  

Expected Results:  
Should have allowed us into wow again.

None but this ONLY occurs with FIREFOX, if i use MS Exploder 7 (ie7) it wont do this same wierd behaviour interference with wow.

Blizzard denies it as their fault.

I rate it is a major problem because effectively i have to kill all my tabs in mozilla, and thats annoying, to have to go back and figure out what pages i was at before i had to shut it down just to let me get back into a running program.  How annoying.
Can you maybe try some other programs (Office, Minesweeper, whatever) if it also does not happen with those programs? Somehow I doubt Firefox is to blame here.
no response, so => incomplete  without more information
please comment if you disagree
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