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Windows Vista

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There are two ways of maximizing a window in Vista: click on the maximum size icon in the upper right hand corner (next to the close icon), or pressing [F11].  (Note: double clicking on the title bar is the same as clicking on the icon.)

These are toggle switched: to return from the maximum window size state, simply repeat the action (i.e. click on icon again or [F11] again).

One difference between the two is that the [F11] approach provides a slightly larger real estate: it hides the title bar.

Some applications do not respect the [F11] functionality but most that do allow both actions to be reversed, even if nested (e.g. clicked on icon, then [F11] to get even more space, then [F11] again to return from no-title bar maximum, then icon again to normal window size).

On Firefox (3.0.5 on my other Vista machine and 3.0.3 on this machine), after clicking on the max icon, then [F11], then [F11] again, will perform the first three steps as expected.  But pressing on the icon a final time no longer returns the window to normal size but keeps it at maximum size.  You have to use the resize handle to manually make the window smaller.

Reproducible: Always

Steps to Reproduce:
1. Double click title bar (to max window size)
2. Press [F11] key (to super-max window size by hiding title bar)
3. Press [F11] key again (to return from super-max window size by revealing title bar)
4. Double click title bar (to return to normal size)...remains at max size!
Actual Results:  
Window remains at maximum window size 

Expected Results:  
Window should return to original size

You need to manually resize window by dragging on resize grippers in corner to return to original window size.

(I find it to be frustratingly annoying since those resize grippers are easily missed at times and I have even started up Internet Explorer just to get away from it but such double resizing may not be a very popular set of action for users so I'm listing this with a "minor" severity although I would love to see it fixed!)
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This is not reproducible for me on Windows XP.
Version: unspecified → 3.0 Branch

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9 years ago
It happens on all 3 of my Windows Vista machines.  I'll see if I can find an XP system to try it on, as well.
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Confirmed. What's happening here presumably is that the [F11] key is resetting the window height and width to default. iow, generally firefox remembers your height and width settings and when you hit restore it restores it to that size, however hitting the [F11] key resets that. Is that intentional? I can't imagine why it would be...

Comment 4

9 years ago
It does not happen on XP (at least the ones I've tested) but it does on all the Vista machines I've tried.

The [F11] key seems to only reset the dimensions after the window has been maximized by double clicking on the title bar - let's call it [TB] - at which point it wipes out the setting that had been retained [TB].  My guess is that it is overwriting the wrong variables: [TB] retains the original size A.  [F11] should retain size B, which happens to be maximum [TB].  When [F11] is hit again, the size should be reset to B but, by overwriting [TB]'s memory, double-clicking on the title bar again no longer goes back to A but to B.  Just a guess...

Regarding whether it's intentional: other applications (IE, Scite, etc.) do not exhibit this behavior and are intuitive to use; having it in Firefox Vista makes it a bit confusing since information is lost (implicitly).
Ever confirmed: true
Summary: Browser window stuck at maximum size (normal size button broken) after maximizing twice → Expanding window to full size resets window dimensions
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