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Prune old crash reports in pending/


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If submitting crash reports fails, users can end up with many old crash reports in the pending/ directory. This will happen even more if we start server-side throttling. I'm working on a patch which will prune reports so that we only keep the newest 10.
Boy, this seems like a lot of code to do something relatively simple, but I can't think of a simpler way.
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Sweep old crashes in pending/, rev. 1

The Windows bit isn't right.
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This one actually works on Windows, instead of just compiling...
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Sweep old crashes in pending/, rev. 1.1

That's an awful lot of platform-specific code mixed into that file. I had been trying to hide as much of it as possible in the crashreporter_platform.cpp files. Couldn't we just add a UIFindFiles function or something, that took a PruneVector& and filled it?

Using FindFilesA is wrong. The rest of the Win32 code uses std:string, but it always uses W functions and explicitly converts from Wide to UTF8 (there are UTF8ToWide and WideToUTF8 helpers in crashreporter_win.cpp). For example:

RemoveOldDumps seems incorrectly named, since it only deletes one dump. Also, seems like it'd do the wrong thing if you actually passed it a vector whose size was > kSaveCount + 1, but maybe you're ok with that.

+    BOOL ok = true;
+    for (; ok; ok = FindNextFileA(dirlist, &fdata)) {

Any reason you didn't stick the variable decl in the for loop?
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It builds on linux/windows. I've verified correct behavior on Windows, and doing tryserver runs to test elsewhere.
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ok, I've verified correct behavior from tryserver builds
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Sweep old crashes in pending/, rev. 2

+void PruneSavedDumps(const std::string& directory);

UIPruneSavedDumps, just for consistency? We should just wrap all that stuff in a namespace or something...

+++ b/toolkit/crashreporter/client/crashreporter_unix.cpp

Needs a tri-license block.

+    string path = (--dumpfiles.end())->path;

This feels a little too clever to me, I had to think about it for a minute to figure out what it was doing, but the only alternative I could offer would be:
dumpfiles[dumpfiles.size() - 1].path()

Looks good otherwise.
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Carrying over review with nits picked, requesting approval 1.9.1
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Pushed to m-c:
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I made a typo while fixing up conflicts, so I pushed a followup:

Of course I failed to notice it because I only built on Linux. :-/
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