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Fix v.1

Not quite up to my usual CVS archaeology standards, but:

At some point in the past, in the pre-1.0-era, before smileys were part of the theme, we decided to fork editor's packaging so we could package up just the smileys, instead of all the images in editor/ui/composer/content/icons/. Then after that, we realized that although we don't need things like tag-body.gif, which Composer shows when you enter the "Show icons for all HTML tags" mode that we don't have, <a name="foo"> shows tag-anchor.gif even in the normal view, so Insert - Named Anchor would have... probably shown a broken image icon, or maybe just nothing, so we added mail/components/compose/content/icons/tag-anchor.gif.

Then smileys moved to the theme, and (here's where my archaeology breaks down) whatever it was that was letting us find editor/content/ things in messenger.jar rather than comm.jar was removed, and we went back to packaging all of editor/ui/composer/content/icons/ (or maybe we never changed anywhere other than on the aviary branch), so now we're just jarring up something which nothing can access, since there's no .manifest saying to either look for content editor there, or to overlay any editor/content/ URI with anything from there.

(Doing some restriction of what composer bits and bobs we package wouldn't be a bad thing, but copying the files is the wrong approach: we should either ifdef editor/ui/ (particularly reasonable given the way we already do ifdef editor/ui/locales/, or do what we do with mailnews/, ifdeffing the whole thing and jarring what we want with absolute paths from a file in mail/ instead.)
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Fix v.1

Looks good to me, r=mkmelin

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