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When people have high resolution displays, a pixel-based app like Firefox can get awfully tiny. I know you young dudes can't see the problem, but trust me: when you get to be fifty-plus, you will want things larger so you can see them.

I have dealt with this in part by providing themes with larger icons (Aeon Big, Aeon Jumbo, HiVis Large), but that leaves the text unaddressed.

I get support requests now and then, asking for help with this. Unfortunately I can't help a non-techie very much. The OP in the MZ forums thread cited above ran into this problem, so I included it as an illustration of the problem.

Reproducible: Always

Steps to Reproduce:
1. Open Firefox on a very high resolution display.
2. Get an old person to try to read the text in the chrome.

Actual Results:  
The poor old dear can't see the text.

Expected Results:  
Well, that's what we expect, isn't it?

But Firefox should have a setting in Customize or in Options where a user can adjust chrome text size.

Workarounds include:

Setting one's system fonts to larger sizes. But this is hard for the general user and often produces unwanted results.

Setting one's OS to a disability access system theme. But this affects everything, and can also produce unhappy results.
See bug 103122. Bug 103122 comment 7 applies here as well.
Comment 7 of 103122 says that the chrome fontsizes are under control of the OS. Yet there are css controls that can specify font sizes. And Frank Lion once made an extension based on stylish that bundled fontsize-changing with particular themes. Clumsy, but it did the job.

My point is that it can be done.
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