IE7 can not download Firefox 3.0.5 from website


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9 years ago
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Build Identifier: Microsoft Windows XP, Media Center Edition, Version 2002, SP3, IE 7, Ver 7.0.5730.11IC

Wanted to install Firefox. Opened up IE7 and went to the web site

Clicked on "Download Firefox - Free, 3.0.5 for Windows, English (US), (7.1MB)"

Was taken to

The download did not start. Tried rebooting, closing the browser, trying multiple times, and achieved no success. There was no download prompt, or a security bar message in IE to indicate that the download had been started (or stopped due to security concerns). The page was displaying "Thanks for choosing firefox, etc." and the help items showed that the download was supposed to start, but nothing ever happened. 

To download firefox, I had to Download Opera, and then go to the same link, and then download firefox. Is it possible that Microsoft has introduced "fixes" in their latest service pack (Win XP SP3) to prevent users from downloading Firefox? 

It would be good that your website allows users to link directly to some type of mirror (as they do on so that people can manually download the file if the browser is acting up. 

Finally it would be good to allow users to report problems with downloading little easier. It took me about 30 minutes to find out how to report this problem, sign up for an account, and actually report it. This process may prevent a casual Windows user from reporting a problem. I would anticipate that you would want to know right away if IE is acting up and people are unable to download Firefox. 

Reproducible: Always

Steps to Reproduce:
1. Go to using WinXP SP3 
2. Click on "Download Firefox - Free, 3.0.5 for Windows, English (US), (7.1MB)"
3. Download never starts
Actual Results:  
Download did not start

Expected Results:  
The download should have started. I should have gotten the download prompt or the security message in IE that asks me if I really want to download the file.

Comment 1

9 years ago
I just saw the links to the mirror, so I could have gotten to the file directly by clicking the link underneath the message "if the download does not start, click here". 

Nevertheless, the download did not start automatically. I am dropping the severity of this bug.
Severity: major → minor


9 years ago
Severity: minor → normal
Component: General →
Product: Firefox → Websites
QA Contact: general → www-mozilla-com


9 years ago
Summary: IE7 can not download firefox 3.0.5 from website → IE7 can not download Firefox 3.0.5 from website

Comment 2

9 years ago
I don't remember much about IE7, but there may be an option somewhere that is set to prevent sites from starting downloads like this. Give them a check.
We're using a cheesy hack (a popup) to bypass the IE notification bar that blocks downloads.  We've had troubles with it before but nothing has changed recently.

Stephen: can you confirm this with ie7?
IE7 download is wfm on vista32 and also clicking the manual link works fine.

I think we can mark this wfm, this was either a temporary mirror issue or a broken IE7 installation on the reporters system.
I found a VM running XP and IE7 on my box and couldn't reproduce this.  Can anyone else?
Ah, thanks Matthias.  I think this is WFM too but I'd still like to know what the problem is with Herceg's browser.  Herceg, are you still having the troubles?  Do you have any 3rd party popup blockers?

Comment 7

9 years ago
blank WinXP SP3 VM + IE7 downloaded off MS site; no problems

If in IE7 I go to Tools, Internet Options, Privacy, Pop-up Blocker, Settings, then down to the Filter Level drop down at the bottom and set it to "high" instead of the default of "medium" then I can reproduce the problem. With this set I get no prompt to download. My guess is you may have this set to "high".

Comment 8

9 years ago
I was able to fix the issue on this computer by clicking on "Reset Internet Explorer Settings" under the advanced tab. Unfortunately I did that before I read about dropping the security to Medium (My security was Medium-High). Thanks!

Comment 9

9 years ago
Good to know. Closing this as WFM then.
Last Resolved: 9 years ago
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