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Thunderbird shouldn't jar chrome it can't use, especially when it doesn't jar strings for it


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This started out as "don't jar chrome in editor/ui/ that depends on strings Thunderbird doesn't jar in editor/ui/locales/" but then once I got to throwing things out, it expanded a bit, since we don't have any way of toggling on EditorAllTags.css so the only tag-*.gif we need is tag-anchor.gif (neatly bringing me back around to where I started, with bug 471223, since apparently at one point we didn't package any of the images, and forked just that one).

Not as impressive as I'd like with my standard measure, since "how much does it change the size of the Windows installer?" is only a 48,042 byte drop, though the 325,293 byte drop in the installed comm.jar sounds a little better.

Sorry the diff's so ugly - the + lines with trailing whitespace are, near as I can tell, only the bogo-diff ones that I'm not actually touching, where diff decided to claim I moved things that really stayed still.

(And yes, I did notice the horrible fact that we have CSS for some of these XUL things that we don't have strings for, but I'll kill that in a separate Tb bug.)
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Fix v.1

The diff would be half the size if you had added the suite lines to the existing ifdef. Also, git-apply complains you're adding trailing whitespace.
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The diff would be half the size and git-apply wouldn't falsely blame me for the crap that's there in lines I never even touched, if I could figure out how to tell qdiff to pull its head out and minimize changes, not maximize them.

More interesting question: would it be more, or less, readable if the suite files and suite overlays were in a single block? I thought less, so I went the other way, but I'm not entirely sure.
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