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Remove String docs


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Per bug 471144, there is probably no need for the docs to be in string. Especially, quote
>This document is now deprecated in favor of The new string guide >(
We could just remove, and make any likns, no need to have old docs in the source when not needed.
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patch v1

Please leave xpcom/string/README.html; that shows up in, which is useful (we should have more of them).

I still need to look through the doc and see what, if anything, should be migrated to our current docs.
You mean this?

I have no stake in removing or keeping this, but as far as adding more like it, I'm curious: How is it useful?
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patch v1

Yeah; these should go.

At some point I should probably revise a bit, but I don't think that blocks removing these.

Sorry for taking so long to get to this.
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The README.html is useful because it gives information about what's in a directory, just like comments at top of file give information about what's in a file.  That's particularly useful when the comments are reliably present, as in
So are we removing or keeping the README.html?
keep xpcom/string/README.html; remove xpcom/string/doc/README.html
Ok, put the readme back, pulling down the r+
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I tried to push this to cedar but the patch failed to apply. I'm not removing the checkin-needed keyword given that it might apply on mozilla-central. But Tyler, can you have a look and update the patch if needed?
BTW, a patch with a commit message and author name might be appreciated :)
(In reply to comment #8)
> given that it might apply on mozilla-central.

It doesn't -- but it's not due to bitrot.

Tyler's patch has two issues (found from hg rm'ing the string docs myself and comparing his patch against the result):
 1. Dos line endings
 2. No newline at the end of the file

His patch applies cleanly when I fix those (using "fromdos" tool to fix (1), and opening in emacs & inserting newline at the end to fix (2)).

Given that this is just a removal of a few HTML documentation files, this should be safe to push as a one-off DONTBUILD cset, so I'll just do that since I've already fixed it up.

Tyler, for future patches, if you could address comment 9 & also fix whatever caused the whitespace issues in comment 10, that'd be much appreciated.  Thanks!
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