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While looking up the "new year" sniffing bugs today, I discovered that the FAA (bug 330418) is using a hacked version of (which I was surprised to find hadn't been removed with other obsolete browser-sniffing docs).  Further investigation revealed that sniffer is part of the CSS DHTML Positioning API test suite.

If for some reason the test suite is still relevant (which I'm guessing it isn't, since it's using that ancient sniffer, and since the last checkin seems to be 2002 by Gerv declaring the whole directory outdated:, there are probably better places for it to live.  If it is no longer relevant, it can be removed entirely and live out its days with the rest of the dead docs on www-archive.

I will also note that Google "links to this page" search returns no hits for csspapi/, csspapi/index.html (the test suite), csspapi/csspapi.html (the csspapi documentation/homepage), or csspapi/xbdhtml.{txt|js}.  However, a straight search for the latter filenames brings up many hits, leading off with those files on and their corresponding files on

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9 years ago
I just archived this whole directory (it will take a day for the files to get taken down from the site).  If any of these pages need to be brought back or if a redirect should be set up for any of this, feel free to reopen the bug.  Closing as fixed.
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