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10 years ago
Terra.es has finished the implementation of the mailto protocol handler support in their webmail platform (see bug 424022 for the choice of terra.es).

We can now proceed to the testing. The test suite is available at http://people.mozilla.org/~ctalbert/test-protocol-links.html

I created a spreadsheet to track the results of the test cases:

To start testing, we need the URI of the handler.
Assignee: rpmdisguise-otros → willyaranda
Waiting for an answer from terra.es

As we are on holidays, I think we don't have our URI before Monday 5th January.

stas, I would like to edit the spreadsheet as I have a mail account on terra.es webmail service. Could you give perms to edit it?

Kind regards!

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10 years ago
Sure thing, your help will be greatly appreciated. I gave you the access to edit the spreadsheet, I hope it works.

I wrote to terra.es to inform them about the creation of this bug, the test suite and the spreadsheet. I also asked for the URI of the handler.

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10 years ago
Here's the URI:

In order to install the handler, you'll have to first go to a page (it can even be a 404) in the correo.terra.es domain (which is different from e.g. correo14.terra.es)) and then paste the following JavaScript snippet in the location bar:

I've tried to test this URI, but wasn't able to use the handler at all. When I clicked on mailto links, all I was getting was the webmail's main page. Guillermo, can you confirm this?
Yes, I confirm what you say.

If I click on a mailto: link, I get the login page, which I fill and send, and then I'm redirected to the webmail main page.
(In reply to comment #4)
> Yes, I confirm what you say.
> If I click on a mailto: link, I get the login page, which I fill and send, and
> then I'm redirected to the webmail main page.

Any news on this? I'd say we're running out of time. Has anyone contacted Terra team to inform them about the problem?
Can you rerun the testing on http://people.mozilla.org/~ctalbert/ ?

I doubt anyone has reported back problems to terra.es. If we want to, it's probably best for someone of the Spanish team to do that in Spanish. If we don't hear back, we should resolve this bug WONTFIX.


9 years ago
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Definitely, it's not working at all. It redirects me every time to the login page, and when loged in, it shows me the main mailbox.

As well as the layout issues it has in the latest es-ES 3.6 nightly build…
Stas, any more info? If not, we should close this bug
Well, enough time. It seems Terra is not working on this anymore, we haven't had news since a few months and Terra users are moving to other mail services as Gmail (mainly, as I have spoken with some Terra users).

Resolving as Incomplete…
Last Resolved: 9 years ago
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