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Strip User Docs from XPCOM


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PCOM is chuck full of user docs, readmes, todos, etc. that really belong in other places, such as, devmo,, etc.
There does not seem any real reason to keep these docs here. The only drawback I can see is disorientation of current or new users. That is why I have filed bug XXXXXX, which places a link to That page gives links to almost all the project pages for the various directories, as well as other info.

Patch is pretty drastic, but I think there is no big issue in that all.
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Bug 471548 instead of bug XXXXXX. Sorry for the spam.
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Patch v1

Single r+ should be enough.

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Patch v1

>diff --git a/xpcom/MoreFiles/ReadMe.txt b/xpcom/MoreFiles/ReadMe.txt
>deleted file mode 100644

This is an external file which was imported with the MoreFiles code. Please do not remove it.

>--- a/xpcom/reflect/xptcall/src/md/test/README

I think this README should be kept.

I know the string guide is on MDC... what about the xptcall docs? Those should definitely be migrated before this lands.
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OK, i will keep those docs. The xptcall docs will have to be moved still before this does land. I was planning on getting those up if this got +. I will get a new patch that addresses those issues up shortly.
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This keeps those docs.
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Patch v2

Please make sure the xptcall docs are ported before landing this. Thanks!
Will do that in the next few days, then will land this. Thank you! has the Guide, with having the status board (may need to be updated). Also linked to that from the FAQ.
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At least some of these docs are being nsinstalled in Makefiles, so the checked-in patch is turning the tree red.  The build logs suggest it's probably easy to fix, but it's probably worth a full xpcom build at least to be sure any bustage fix actually covers all the bases -- could someone do that, please?  Dao, perhaps, since you checked this in?  (I'm in the middle of debugging something else right now and don't have time.)
backed out
Resolution: FIXED → ---
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I made a new patch, same stuff, so bringing over +, I think it is alright. Not sure what caused the tree to burn, but here goes.
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checkin needed might help.
Keywords: checkin-needed
Well, if someone with more qualifications in this area wants to take this over, please do.
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