[IDE] Mozmill menu item not visible when a non-browser window has focus



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9 years ago
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9 years ago
If a non-browser window has the focus the MozMill menu item is not shown. See the below log for more information:

[19:07] whimboo: the menu item isn't available when having the error console selected
[19:08] whimboo: and going to tools
[19:08] ctalbert: oh yeah, ok
[19:08] ctalbert: mac os issue
[19:08] ctalbert: every dialog gets a different default menu
[19:09] ctalbert: ok, but that Different menubar for dialogs with drop down menus is an OS level issue on Mac OS X and will probably be marked "INVALID"
[19:10] whimboo: ctalbert: i dont think so. all the other items are still available
[19:10] ctalbert: It's a very stupid OS convention.  In Linux and Windows that menubar is attached to the dialog, and so it seems natural.  But on mac OS X with the universal menubar, it's a whole different ball game
[19:11] ctalbert: whimboo: none of my extensions are available with the error console selected
[19:11] ctalbert: I have 5 extensions on my build, all have entries in the nromal tools menu
[19:11] ctalbert: this seems bigger than mozmill
[19:12] whimboo: thats true, so its a core menubar bug
[19:14] ctalbert: nope it's an error console bug
[19:14] ctalbert: whimboo: look in DOM inspector and it becomes clear.
[19:15] whimboo: ctalbert: the add-ons manager has the same problem
[19:15] ctalbert: chrome://global/content/console.xul is the XUL for the error console and it also duplicates the tools-menu menu drop down.
[19:16] ctalbert: So if an extension wants to have its listing show up there, it must include a specific overlay attribute for that menu
[19:16] ctalbert: DOM inspector actually does this and then disables their entry on that menu
[19:17] whimboo: so it doesn't only apply for extensions but overlays
[19:18] ctalbert: So it's an extension level problem (the extension should include an overlay for that dialog, if the extension wants to be there) but I tend to think that even if the extension were displayed on that menu then it should be permanently disabled, a la DOM inspector's behavior.  And therefore, it really makes no sense to even show up
[19:18] ctalbert: So I don't think that's a bug.  more of a design decision.
[19:19] ctalbert: I think it's a bug that DOM Inspector shows up there.
[19:19] ctalbert: It's really not worthwhile to have permanently disabled items on menus
[19:20] ctalbert: I dunno. what to do about it, whimboo - it's a UI call.
[19:20] ctalbert: I wonder what it does on windows and linux
[19:22] ctalbert: whimboo: on linux (and windows too) this doesn't occur.
[19:23] ctalbert: it's a mac only wierdness
[19:24] ctalbert: whimboo: what do you think?  Should we include an entry there and disable it, or leave it as is?
[19:24] ctalbert: I think those are the two options that make the most sense
[19:25] whimboo: ctalbert: something for future i think


9 years ago
Priority: -- → P4
Clint will get me the code to do this.
Whiteboard: [mozmill-1.2]

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8 years ago
We have any progress on this? Seems like a pretty straight forward fix.

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8 years ago
The DOM inspector should have a similar code. You should check its code. It could probably help us.
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Hardware: x86 → All
The DOM Inspector overlay code is not simple, they are doing a lot here and not all of it is what I care about.

This late in the release I'm inclined to just punt this. It's definitely not critical.
Whiteboard: [mozmill-1.2] → [mozmill-1.3]


8 years ago
Summary: Mozmill menu item not visible when a non-browser window has focus → [IDE] Mozmill menu item not visible when a non-browser window has focus

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5 years ago
We have dropped support for the Mozmill IDE in the upcoming Mozmill 2.0 release. Therefore it finally has been removed from the extension by bug 791625. Closing the bug as WONTFIX.
Last Resolved: 5 years ago
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a year ago
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