Will not upload file attachments to my phreego.com email account




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I recently switched from Firefox 2.0 to 3.0.5 and it will not upload file attachments to my Phreego.com email account even though Internet Explorer does.  I downgraded it to Firefox 3.0.1, and it still does not upload file attachments.  Additionally the bookmarks feature is screwy, and will not alphabetize, adding the bookmarks to the recently visited sites list is unnecessarily confusing. I've already configured the tools option to clear all private data upon my closing the browser, and it is annoying to have to click on and additional popup window to confirm it each time I close the browser. Finally I prefer the toolbar icon from ver 2.0,which are more distinctive, and easier to see in ambient lighting. I am using Windows XP on a Pentium II laptop

Reproducible: Always

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I'm sure the bookmark bug is already reported, the Icon/theme issue is invalid in bugzilla (and there are third party Themes).

Using the file upload issue for this bug:
just to tell someone that "something doesn't work" isn't enough information. That it doesn't work in FF3  doesn't mean that it's a bug in Firefox.
The website can get the full path/filename if you upload a file with FF2/IE (example: "c:\test\example.gif" ) while FF3 protects the privacy and the website gets only the filename ("example.gif"). Some websites are failing because they expect a path and since your example site needs a login you have to check that yourself, attach a testcase or ask the support of this website.

I suggest that you read http://quality.mozilla.org/bug-writing-guidelines#site

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9 years ago
I beg your pardon Matthias if I raised too many issues in this bug report, so I'll just focus on the titled complaint in the subject box.  When I attempted (on several occasions) to make attachments with my phreego.com mail account, an upload box appears, I browse for the file on my hard drive, I choose it from the list, I hit attach, the upload box reads "transferring  file to phreego.com," the progress bar bar advances to the right, the text within the box says <upload in progress> for a few seconds, a text <done> appears in the lower left hand corner of the upload box across from where the progress bar is located, and within the upper left hand area of the download box a text message that says <uploading file> appears but even after a half hour's wait NO FILE IS UPLOADED!  I first contacted Phreego's technical support line, and they were unable to verify what was happening, because they went into my account, and successfully upload two attachments while I waited on the telephone for the results.  After I hung up it occurred to me to try a different browser,Internet Explorer, and the attachments went through without a hitch.  I called Phreego's tech support back, and informed them of this, and this time he tried Firefox 3.0.05 and got the SAME NEGATIVE RESULTS that I got.  He told me that he would be filling a bug report with Mozilla, and I waited THREE DAYS before attempting another file attachment with Firefox 3.0.05 whereupon I got the SAME NEGATIVE RESULT.  I logged onto Bugzilla, and yes I REVIEWED ALL OF THE REPORTED BUGS FIRST to see if it was listed.  When I DID NOT see it then I made the report.
If you don't have access to a Phreego email account ,like I do, and as Phreego's tech support has, I don't know how you can verify the bug.  I certainly am not technically proficient enough to make suggestions to you on how to do that.  I can only say that it is a MAJOR inconvenience to have to have two browsers ope when I am doing emails that require attachment.

Harvey bastian
Thanks for the additional information.
I hope you can understand that it's difficult to fix something if you can't analyze it. It's like calling a mechanic and tell him over phone that you car is broken and you can't give him other hints about the issue and he should tell you what's wrong.
We had several reported websites that had issues with our privacy change in file uploads but that is not a bug on our side. That means that it may be a bug in Firefox or a bug in the website.

We you can try one thing:
Open the page with the button for file uploads and select file/save as/complete html, save it to your hdd, Zip it to a single file because the result should be one single html file and a folder with additional files.
Attach this file to this bug using the "add an attachment" link in this bug.

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9 years ago
i thank you for your prompt reply matthias, but I just don't understand how to effect your suggested work around.

Harvey Bastian
That is no workaround, i want the page that contains the file upload box as source html to look myself what they are doing

Is there a support email address from your ISP that i could contact ?

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9 years ago
Created attachment 356553 [details]
Phreego.com file attachment page zipped

Here is the file upload page that you requested.

Harvey Bastian

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Created attachment 369439 [details]
Phreego.zip as jar mime

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Harvey, please add files under folder "express.asp_files" to the zip

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9 years ago
My workaround was simply to reinstall Firefox 2.0.5.  Now my upload go through without a hitch,not only on Phreego, but also on three other sites that I didn't mention in my initial complaint.  I also much prefer the user interface on the 2.0.5 version.
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