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modernize xpcom i/o launch and reveal methods on Mac OS X


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We should modernize our xpcom i/o launch and reveal methods on Mac OS X. This is part of bug 456662.
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fix v1.0

Looks like NSWorkspace makes us use alot less code!.  Unfortunely, i have never used this class and the docs aren't that great.

Just a few comments:

do you really need to do this?

-  PRInt32 aliasSize = GetAliasSizeFromRecord(aliasHeader);
+  PRInt32 aliasSize = ::GetAliasSizeFromPtr(&aliasHeader);

Does this:
+    success = [[NSWorkspace sharedWorkspace] selectFile:[(NSURL*)urlRef path] inFileViewerRootedAtPath:@""];

actually open up a new Finder window that contains urlRef?

what about this:

+    success = [[NSWorkspace sharedWorkspace] openURL:(NSURL*)urlRef];

if urlRef is a .html file, what is launched?  Will we open up safari or something?
The GetAliasSizeFromRecord stuff is just cleanup along for the ride. We don't need to abstract that function call with a macro any more because we don't support 10.3 any more.

"selectFile:inFileViewerRootedAtPath:" does open a new Finder window containing whatever we give as a path for selectFile:. It uses the main viewer if there is one otherwise opens a new one.

"openURL:" will open the URL basically as if the user double clicked on it in the Finder - it'll open in accordance with the user's OS preferences. So if you call that on an HTML document then the HTML document will (probably) open in the user's default web browser.
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fix v1.0

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