missing view real received date of e-mail in my e-mail server



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actually somebody sends me e-mail with wrong pc-time and i searched and looked the web and the bugs, if i have a option to sort by a view by the time i received the e-mail and not when the e-mail was sent to me as actually it is uses in the line date. i see more information when i look into the header and let me view all but it is not comfortable to search in the header the received time. btw i sort my e-mails by date to see all new e-mails first.
example: someone has the time indicated from my time ex 18:00 and live in the same timezone and use 16:30 so i see the date 16:30 and not 18:00 when i received the mail.
is it possible to let sort my e-mails by received date and time and not by the date what someone else put into the pc and show me the date false?
i don't know if someone else see it as a bug, but actually for me it is a bug as i have a problem at the work as someone will make some illusions that they send the e-mail earlier as the e-mail arrived at me changing the time of the pc where the local e-mailprogramm is running.
p.x. rightly the date must shown 2 times: the real server sent date (sender) and the real received date in my server 

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This looks like a support request, certainly not a security bug in Thunderbird. 

As to faking aspects of emails, the email format was invented by computer nerds to share with their friends long before they realized some people are jerks. Every aspect of the message, including who it was from and when it was sent, can be faked. Various ways to digitally "sign" messages were invented later to solve those problems but they aren't in widespread use. Thunderbird supports them, though! Get a free email certificate (search for Web of Trust; both Thawte and StartSSL offer them) and start signing all your mail, and encourage your friends to do the same.

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this is not the solution, don't forget that normal users aren't good pc users and need easly solutions for working faster and righter. i know about manipulation e-mails and the rest of digital files and there exist no secure 100% way again manipulation. till know i was in the illusion that the date displayed in the view will seen as the arrival date on my e-mail server like other 90% users of e-mail programms. don't forget that in outlook exist the possibility to show the arrived time of the e-mail at my server this is what interesst me, the rest when it was send isn't so important. for easilier comparision think about the story when you send a normal letter with the post office. the stamp date that the post office put on has the same valore as the arriving of the e-mail at my server and it interessed you not, how long needs the letter to arrive to the post office bevor the stampe date will put on. i don't think on later (in 10-15 years), i live in now and now we have that problem, all the information are just in the e-mail only showing fast on the view is the problem
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> Build Identifier: Thunderbird (20081209)

If POP3, "view real received date" is already implemented by Bug 166254. With Tb latest-trunk(next Tb 3), you can see "Received" column at where timestamp in last(most recently added) Received: header is displayed. This is similar display of Received: header by MS Outlook Express.
If IMAP, change by Bug 166254 currently doesn't work. It's because Received: header is currently not downloaded upon first aquision of standard mail header data. A bug is already opened for it.

To stefan kaltenhauser:
Here is bugzilla.mozilla.org for developers. Here is not support forum nor Customer Help Center nor Customer Claim Reception Counter.
If you want to talk about how much/how long you are suffering from lack of Tb's feature, or if you want to talk about how much/how long you are eager for Tb's new feature, please post your comments to newsgroup, discussion forum etc.
stefan, please, could answer to comment #4?
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hy, i can't answer as i stopped to use tb due lot of migrations error from version 2 to 3. as i use imap i see the problem persisit always and is related in past reports.
i stopped reading after the first part of wada answer.
so for me this bug is "dublicate" of a part of Bug 402594


9 years ago
Duplicate of bug: 402594
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