Set talos machines to auto reboot on power loss


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9 years ago
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9 years ago
For mac, you go to the Energy Saver in System Preferences, go to the Option tab and check "Restart automatically after power failure"
Pushing to future while we collect instructions for linux, xp, vista.
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I don't know anything about Macs, but most PC BIOS have a setting which generally is something like:

Power Management->Restore on AC Power Loss->select On.

Now if you have a UPS that shuts down the system automatically when power is lost, this option is useless and you have to configure the UPS to restart your PC once power comes back online, but this option isn't available in all UPS systems.

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8 years ago
Mass move of bugs from Release Engineering:Future -> Release Engineering. See for more details.
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8 years ago
Looking over the bug I see that in order to make the change requires a physical visit because it's a BIOS change.  

Moving this to IT so that they can add it to their TODO list for the next time they physically touch the talos servers.
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8 years ago
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8 years ago
Well, it's not quite that simple. All the talos machines are mac minis, if I'm not mistaken. Mac Minis don't have a BIOS, so this would have to be an OS level implementation and if we're really lucky, perhaps this setting can be tweaked in the EFI with a tool like rEFIt.

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8 years ago
if it's something that I can run on each box via ssh, then give me the command and I will test it and you can move the bug back to me.

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8 years ago
This will take a little research. I think the Mac OS minis can be done from the command line. Windows minis *might* be able to be set through the windows settings gui. Not sure if the linux kernels in production support it. I'll see what info I can find out.

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8 years ago
How important is this?  How often do we lose power that we need to spend the effort doing this (usually that's a catastrophic event that has all hands onsite)?

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8 years ago
IMO not a high priority - the activity on this bug is because we are going thru our old-bug queue and seeing what can be cleared/closed.

The driver for this, IMO, is IT because if this isn't done, then it's your remote fingers doing the power-switch pressing.
90% of the minis aren't on remotely controlled power switches so there's not that much gain here.  I'm okay to WONTFIX this.

Remotely controlled power switches cost a lot more than then $15 power strips.

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8 years ago
Going with the consensus and marking as WONTFIX

If later this becomes an issue then the bug can be reopened and we can budget for IP based powerswitches for the mini "racks"
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