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No thumb in the scrollbar in the attachment view at the bottom of messages


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I just sent an email with 6 PDFs attached to it, and when I went and looked at it in my Sent Mail folder, I only saw 4 attachments, with no visible indication that there were any more than that.

There was a scrollbar over on the right-hand side, but it looked quit disabled and there was no thumb in it.  If I moused over the attachments and used the scrollwheel on my mouse, the other two attachments came into view.

It'd probably be a good idea to make the attachment view a few pixels taller by default, so that it's just tall enough that you can see the top few pixels of the second row of attachment icons if there's a second row there, in addition to fixing the scrollbar thumb.
Dave, is this a regression, i.e. do you see this thumb problem when using version 2?  Gary, ovidiu, would you think this is a core issue. Might take some searching.

size aspect is dupe of bug 422140
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In version 2, the attachment pane grew to whatever size it needed to fit all the attachments in the visible area.  It also used small icons instead of large ones. I'm pretty sure the entire attachment UI had a complete rewrite for version 3.
Keywords: regression
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This is what you mean, I guess. I sent myself an email with many attachments. I viewed the message in the inbox and yes, the scrollbar on the right seems disabled, besides the mousewheel scroll, I can only see the tips of two icons giving me a vague indication of 2 more attachments.
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yeah, here's what I was seeing exactly.

There is actually 1 pixel of the attachments from the next line visible, but not enough to make it obvious.  I didn't notice those last night.
The lack of a thumb is bug 380185, widget: cocoa's "it's better to look good than to work good, and we look marvelous" decision. Showing a lot of the second row of attachments would require optimizing for massively-multiple attachments at the expense of message content, which seems like a bad bargain. Wonder whether -moz-appearance: scrollbar-small; would gain us enough pixels to show a thumb?
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